Monday, January 09, 2006

It has been 3 years….

Last night, Laci Peterson’s mom was interviewed by Katie Couric. What? It wasn’t live? Well, I will move on anyway. I am, again, going to sound like an asshole, but this murder is 3 years old. What is Laci’s mom going to tell us about her daughter or Scott that the rest of the family/mistress has not already told us? I only saw this interview as I was surfing around the boob tube. I did not stop for more than the 5 seconds it took me to realize they were drudging up more information on this 3 year old murder.

Not only this murder, but I am not a fan of any “where are they now” sort of stories about murders/murderers. It could be that the press brow beat us to death on this murder and trial. I for one was not glued to my TV set during the murder investigation and trial. However, it was hard to miss at least some of this coverage, it made front page news on about every paper and news website.

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