Tuesday, January 17, 2006


For those of you that don’t give a rat’s ass, the Mactels are out. Apple unveiled their new Intel-based Mac books last week. I am very excited for this new addition to the Mac family. I dislike it when people say “this is the fastest Mac ever”. DUH! I would love to see Apple release the slowest Mac ever. What do these people take this company for? Anywho, we are not ordering one yet, especially since they are not shipping until Valentines Day. I can guarantee that we will probably have one at the house before years end.

Thank goodness for grammar check, I forgot the ‘on rats. We can’t have any non-owned asses running around.

UPDATE: Yes, William, I forgot the iMac are available now, the MacBook Pro's (gay name, not that there is anything wrong with that) don't ship until February.

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Bill said...

I thought the iMacs are shipping now? Yes, I agree this is pretty cool. If I can dual-boot OSX and XP on these bad-boys, one will be in my house too (probably a mini when they figure that out). Even better would be if I could run Windows in a window (snicker)...