Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Car show and other stuff

This past weekend was the new car show here in Salt Lake. It is always fun to take a look what car manufactures have coming out. This is not even close to the level of the Detroit show, but nonetheless, very fun to look around. The Mega cab from Dodge is exactly that, Mega. Besides wanting a MINI Cooper someday and a truck, I can live without most of the vehicles displayed. Bill, they did have that new Toyota Land Cruiser looking thing there, it was pretty cool. Amazing how velvet rope becomes an impassable barrier.

The Jeep is still nice with the diesel engine; however, I am noticing a lack in actual space. There are better vehicles out there that can tow 5K; this is the only diesel in its class.

SLC finally received some much needed snow this past weekend. It has been a drier than normal winter for us, however, the mountains are doing fairly well.

The Mariners website has an article on how well some of our pitchers are doing in winter leagues. Personally, I don't care how they do in winter leagues. I would hope that during their stay in South America, they are working on mechanics and hopefully being put into some serious situations. I am once again "cautiously optimistic" about the upcoming season. A .500 season would be the best thing I can hope for with a slim chance at the wild card. Only like 4 weeks until I start to pressure my fantasy baseball commish to create his league...I cannot wait.


Bill said...

Nice! The Portland Auto Show is coming up starting on the 26th. I'm thinking of checking it out. I would be a bit put-out if I couldn't sit in the FJ...

Monk Mojo said...

I think .500 season is very reasonable. Beltre will bounce back big time. Pitching is a concern though.

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