Tuesday, January 03, 2006

One year of blogging!

I hope that everyone had a great Festivus. The airing of grievances was my favorite part. It has officially been 1 year since my first blog. It feels like yesterday. Not really anything overly exciting about that, but it is kind of neat.

We had our 17th annual football game on the 24th. I was the one who got bloody this year. I was punched in the nose towards the end; you can see photos of the intense action here as well as my bloody face and jersey. It was a lot of fun to play in the game again; I had 2 INT’s and threw 1 INT. Only had maybe 5 catches for probably 50 yards, no TD’s and about 30 or so return yards. Our team lost, 5-3 I think was the final score. Nothing like a little PBR to sooth a bloody nose. The group photo was taken at half time.

Our Christmas in Missoula was really nice. It was made better by the return of so many friends. It was a jammed packed 5 days between my family and friends. Missoula can be fun; however I had to keep telling myself that it is not always this fun. I would still like to move back there someday.

I have no “New Years resolution”. I know that some folks really depend on the turning of the calendar to get going. I am sure the month of January is great for Gold Gym membership sales. I know what my flaws are, and I need to work on them no matter what the time of year is. Of course, I could stand to lose some of this holiday weight.

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