Monday, January 23, 2006

We broke down and did it...and Dan Doornick

On Saturday, we walked out of the new Apple Store in SLC with a 20" iMac Mactel. If it was not for the fact that we wanted the immediate satisfaction of the new computer, we would have ordered online. The online purchase would have saved us a lot on a memory upgrade and we would have upgraded the video card to 256 MB. It only has 512 MB of RAM, which I can see is already an issue. This will have 1 GB by mid-February. Thank goodness the stores also do student discounts.

The screen on this machine is amazing. We looked at our photos again on the new computer and we saw parts of a photo that we have never seen before, it was really amazing. Apple also makes the transfer to a new Mac a snap. All you need is a 6pin-to-6pin firewall cable and all your information is copied over.

Anyone interested in a 15" G4 1 GHz Powerbook with 1 GB of RAM?

Things I am already tired of: Jerome Bettis going home. I have always had a place for Jerome, I do like him. However, this story is going to get beaten into the ground. As well as Holmgren's chance to be the first coach to win two Super Bowls for two different teams. The last one I am really hoping for.

For those of you that know me, this next line should strike you as funny. I was called "bandwagon" today. I had to laugh. I could at least name players on the team that went from the Wild Card to the AFC Championship team in '83. They followed a similar path in '84, only this time losing to Marino and the Dolphins in the second round. Keep in mind; they defeated the '83 Super Bowl champs in the WC game in '84. Want to name the big running back that game? Dan Doornick, not Curt Warner or Macus Allen. Don't forget, I own every football card ever produced (that I could find) of Steve Largent and Curt Warner. I am not sure I can be called bandwagon when one of my missions when I card collected was to find Jim Zorn's rookie card. That humdinger cost me all of .50 cents. I have been a Seachicken fan since 1979. I had a short run of following the Broncos, I was born in Fort Collins, but once I came to my senses I started following the Seahawks.

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