Tuesday, January 24, 2006

XP on Mactel and MPG

William, why would I want to ruin a perfectly good Mac by putting Windows on it?

Just kidding to ya'll that feed upon the ageless Mac vs. PC debate. If this was going to be my Mac, you might be able to talk me into trying this challenge. However, I will have little to no interaction with this 20" marvel.

An update on the diesel Jeep. The MPG has not been as advertised...shocker. As you have already heard me vent about how MPG is currently calculated, we don't drive 55. We were able to get about 25 MPG going to MT over Christmas. We did about 90% of this drive in 2WD. Coming home, I was not sure; we had a good stretch of road with it in 4WD. In the city, we are getting about 18-20 MPG.

I am not sure if other turbo diesels have to do this, but we probably lose some MPG to "idle" time (again, not calculated into the sticker of a vehicle). As some of you know, engines need air, and diesels need hot air. So, on those cool/cold mornings, we need to let the engine idle for maybe 5 minutes before we can drive it. After a lot of turbo use, we need to let the engine idle for another 1-5 minutes to allow the engine oil to cool the turbo. I am beginning to wonder if this extra “work” is actually worth it. Towing with 295 pounds-feet of torque at 1,800 rpm is nice. If you are looking for horsepower, the MINI Copper S has the same amount as our Jeep.

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