Friday, February 24, 2006

The CS and WS picks

I have been forced against my will to make a decision on who will win the WS. Well, maybe forced was a bit harsh. Anywho, I am going to give it the old college try. Since I am not getting paid for this, prepare to be amazed.

Lets begin the National league:

NLCS: Mets vs. Dodgers
Winner: Dodgers.
This choice is strictly based on the amount of FA moves made by both clubs. I feel that both of these teams did a lot to improve the overall performance of their clubs.

There are many questions surrounding this choice for sure. The Dodgers made moves on both sides of the ball. Gagne received some support in the pen, so if he does become injured again, no worries, there is a host of others ready to pick up the rosin bag. Nomar, playing first, is a fairly safe move in my opinion. Pair these off-season gestures with a successful farm system, and this team could actually meet expectation this season.

The Mets are my choice basically because it is about time. They try to spend as much as their subway brethren, but rarely succeed. Delgado is not going to break any HR records in Shea Stadium, but with this his second season in the NL, he should fit in nicely. Their rotation is a bit weak, and this will be their fall in the NLCS. Looper is gone, and replaced by a steadier closer in Wagner. This team will be a scrappy team most of the year as they crawl their way to the top of the always challenging NL East.

Runners-up: Cardinals, Brewers

Now to the American League:
ALCS: White Sox vs. Blue Jays
Winner: Sox

As long as the pitching from last year holds onto that rabbits foot one more season, there is no reason the Sox should not recapture the AL Title. They also added some punch at the plate with Konerko. They have good, young talent coming into their own under the often outspoken Guillen's watchful eye. They have a manager not afraid to take risks and that will benefit them once again.

While the Red Sox and Yanks held their annual pissing contest, the Jays were able to acquire some talent of their own to compete in possibly the most competitive division on baseball. All be it, they paid too much, but with the conversation rate, it all balances out. There are a lot of what ifs with this prediction, as with any for that matter. Glaus needs to feel comfortable in the great white north; Wells actually needs to show up at the plate the entire season, their pitching needs to stay on track. While the Sox and Yanks battle for first, the Jays can creep past these guys, most likely as the wild card team.

Runners up: Yanks, Rangers

World Series:
White Sox vs. Dodgers
Winner: Sox in 6

I totally pulled this out of my ass, but strong pitching will prevail. This rotation will benefit from their long season in '05 to help them find the strength to finish the Dodgers in 6 games.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Part 6: NL East

Here we go, last piece of this crap puzzle

Marlins: Talk about your fire sale. Dontrelle is the only member that remains. Yes, I know there are others, but Beckett is gone, your closer is gone, and the corners are gone as well. Who is left? A lot of young potential. . Add in the talk of moving this ball club out of South Florida and nothing is looking good for this club. I am going to say last place here, but don't be surprised if 4th place works out if the talent matures.

Braves: The Braves follow the "closer by committee" approach in years past. From the look of if, the same could hold true this year. Offensively, the Jones group returns to help, assuming that Chipper remains healthy all year. Pitching is still decent; however, I think the Braves finish second this year, and with some stiff competition from the Phillies.

Mets: My pick for first. They did a lot of help out the offense with the additions of Delgado. They added good relief pitching with Wagner and Jorge Julio. Starter Glavine and Martinez will anchor a staff of otherwise, no-namers. The Mets did spend a lot this off-season, raising the expectations to a first place finish. I feel they could bounce the Braves out of first.

Phillies: Another team that could move ahead of the Braves. Wagner departs and Flash Gordon will probably take over the closer roll. Gordon does not have a 100 MPH fastball, but it will be interesting to see how he embraces this role. They do lack a true "ace" with their starting staff. Having Pat Gillick GM this squad now should help, he has made playoff contenders out of both the Jays and the M's in his career. I will pick them for third, but could be ahead of the Braves in second.

Nationals: They lost Preston Wilson to the 'stros this off-season; that is a pretty big bat loss. This team is still the Montreal Expos, and will be at least for another season. They have a great closer in Cordero, but beyond that, not much. Livan Hernandez is your ace on this staff, however, the good pitching stops there and the inconsistency moves on. You may see another "surprise" run by this team in mid-summer, but don't expect much beyond that. A fourth place finish.

Final Standing:
Phillies (tie)
Braves (tie)

This concludes 6 parts of MLB bullcrap analysis from yours truly. I hope to put in some Fantasy picks in the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Part 5: AL East

Almost to pitchers and catchers! Here we go with the east coast....

Red Sox: Dare I say a rebuilding year? The addition of Josh Beckett looks great on paper, but give him time to adjust to the AL. Foulke did not have a great year in ‘05 maybe that will change. I am still uncertain of Schilling coming out of the pen, but that should improve. Manny did his usual off-season "I don't want to play here" antics. They added Coco Crisp to take the place of Johnny Damon, not an equal replacement in my book. They do have a young star that could emerge in Jonathan Papelbon. If Schilling falters at all, look for them to bring Papelbon up from the minors. I still see the Sox, being "in it" this year. Going with a second place finish, with a slight possibility of a third place finish.

Blue Jays: They will be my surprise pick of the East. Not sure if overpaying for B.J. Ryan is going to be key to that success, but it will help. Hillenbrand showed a lot of promise last year, and should continue to excel. The pitching is relatively strong with ex-Cy Young winner Halladay and the up and comer Chacin. Vernon Wells took over half the year in '05 to heat up, if he can start off strong, look for another impressive season. They are weak on the offense front, but still could surprise. I am picking them to finish second or battling the Sox for third.

Orioles: With the loss of BJ Ryan, the clubhouse commotion that surrounds Tejada and the possible Sosa retirement hanging over their heads, this could be a rough season. They were able to trade away some bullpen for a "busty" starter in Benson. Offensively, they added Kevin Millar from the Sox. These moves don't jump out of the screen at me. My pick is for fourth.

D-Rays: There is nothing exciting about this team, in my opinion. The Rays will be in the same field as the Rockies and Royals, last place. Sure this team has the potential to be a "bracket buster" especially with the way they manhandled the Yankees last year. They do have some punch on offense with Travis Lee and Chris Crawford. Pitching? Well, both the starters and the pen are big question marks here. I am going to a last place finish.

Yanks: I hate this team. Yet again on paper, they should dominate...on paper. They are only carrying 4 bench players to help out with Mike Meyer’s inability to get out right handed batters. If no one is injured, they should do well. I am not going to name names here. However, Johnson and Mussina are not getting any younger. Besides the closer in Rivera, this pitching staff has some holes. To sounds predictable, the Yanks are my pick for first.

Final Standing:

Only 1 division left....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Part 4: NL Central

Pitchers and catchers report in like 2 days, I am very excited. So, let’s get to it

Cubs: Pitching is the name of the game for the Northsiders. Having Prior and Zambarano coming back, look to them to be a powerful 1-2 punch. Wood will most likely remain in the pen for the 2006 season; his arm appears to be for short-term use only. Look for Juan Pierre to help the CF position. The offensive question will be Lee. Can he possibly repeat his 2005 run? He had a year were his HR, RBI's went up, while is K's went down to there lowest complete season total in his career. Like the AL Central, this division could be very competitive. The Cubies will fight for 3rd.

Brewers: My sleeper pick for this division. The loss of Overbay (started his career for the Osprey) to the AL should not concern anyone with Price Fielder, yes Cecil's son, filling first base. With Ben Sheets anchoring a rather unstable starting rotation, I still see improvements for last years .500 team. Carlos Lee should have another 30+ HR season. The Brewers are my surprise pick for first, but I am going to place them second behind the Cardinals.

Cardinals: This team remains strong after the offseason. Pitching should be the primary reason for their repeat at frist place. Carpenter might not get back to his 21 wins last season, but still a strong 18+ win performance. Ponson brings his hefty 6+ ERA to the NL for the first time, but don't be concerned. The pitcher to watch this season will be Reyes. He saw limited time last season, but he should be a 15+ winner if he is able to get put a full season under his belt. Offense, what can you say, they have Pujols. To help with Pujols productivity, Rolen will need to remain healthy.

Pirates: The Pirates will do one spot better than last season by finishing fifth. The pirates have ooddles of pitching prospects waiting to take charge. Duke was an impressive 8-2 in 14 starts last season. With the aging Mesa departing look for Mike Gonzalez to take over that roll. Look for the Pirates to be my dark horse pick in the 07 season.

Reds: I am not impressed with this team. Griffey will at some point become injured, what I call the Mariner curse. Sean Casey and his bat potential were shipped off to the Pirates. They did receive Dave Williams as compensation to anchor their rotation. Always be concerned with a team that has 4 catchers on its active roster. I predict a last place finish.

Astros: Will Clemens return? Maybe his son can convince him. The 'stros made a nice run to make it to the World Series. I don't think they will be as fortunate this season; they will be fighting with the Cubs for third/fourth. They need Pettitte to stay off the DL, and Oswalt should be in prime form again. The 'stros are another team that has a lot of potential waiting in the minors. Lidge will have another great season as the closer.

Final Standings:
Cubs (tie)
Astros (tie)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Part 3: AL Central

Since it is Friday, I will try to get two parts in today. The AL Central could be one of, if not the hardest one to call. With tough competition and my lack of Central knowledge, the job doesn't get any easier. Take out the Royals, and I feel you have four teams that could fight for first.

White Sox: I for one did not predict the Sox to win last year. They lost the aging Thomas to the A's, and gains a somewhat decent, all be it inconsistent pitcher in Vasquez. Several "blue chips" are hitting the Sox radar. Bobby Jenks had a great year; some may say was a key cog in the championship bullpen. The bullpen is the weakest part of this team. If the starters (minus El Duque) can put another glamorous year together, it could be another Central title. Also, look for Brian Anderson (CF). He is young bat, great range, hits for average and power, just watch his K's. The Sox will make a good run at first. I will pick them to win again. Don't be surprised if this comes down to a tie-breaking game.

Twins: They added some pop with Rondell White, probably playing DH. Santana will once again be in prime form and compete for the Cy Young. I don't see a lot of departures in the off-season, which is a good thing. Watch out for Francisco Liriano. He was impressive in his limited exposure in 05, (33 K's in 23.2 innings). Don't forget about Nathan closing for them. I am going to say third for the Twins this year, with a slim shot at second. Don't forget, I said there will be a tie-breaker for first. They will be "dark horse" to unseed the Sox in this division.

Indians: I don't think the loss of Coco Crisp to the Red Sox will be that bad. They were unable to bring back Millwood, but they did add the once Orioles said ace and Tigers said ace Jason Johnson. Since neither of his "ace" duties ever panned out, I don't hold much hope for that changing. They do have a deep starting 5 in Byrd, Johnson, C.C. Sabathia, Cliff Lee, and Jake Westbrook. Maybe they won't fall apart in the last few games of the season like last year. Offensively, Andy Marte is an up and coming third baseman. Travis Heffner at 1b and the switching hitting catcher, Victor Martinez, should continue their strong careers. I am going to go with second place for the tribe.

Tigers: Out with Trammel and in with Leyland. Leyland has been a part of some decent clubs in his career, I am sure the main reason Detroit signed him as the new manager. They gain the camera tossing gambler, Kenny Rogers who always starts off strong, but appears to die off after the mid-summer classic. Todd Jones returns to the Tigers after a successful season as the Marlins closer. Since their rotation is not very strong, don’t be surprised to see Justin Verlander pitching in early May. I am going with a fourth place finish this year.

Royals: This paragraph might be a waste of my time. Runelvys Hernandez is full of talent, however could only muster an 8-14 record last year. With the additions of Grudzielanek and Mientkiewicz, they should get some more run support. Adding Elarton to the starting rotation should help. However, I don't see any of theses moves helping the Royals not finish in last place.

Final Standing
White Sox
Twins (tie)
Tigers (tie)

We are half way there...

Reggie Bush...worth the hype?

I am going to say no. At least, no for now. Remember how great Ricky Williams was suppose to be coming out of college? So great that Ditka set the Saints back a few years in the draft pick department. Here are his stats for his 6 year career (not counting his time on the Whacky Tobacky circuit).

1999NOR12 253 884 3.5 25 2 45 6 3
2000NOR10 248 1000 4.0 26 8 56 6 3
2001NOR16 313 1245 4.0 46 6 58 6 4
2002MIA16 383 1853 4.8 63 16 89 7 5
2003MIA16 392 1372 3.5 45 9 68 4 4
2005MIA12 168 743 4.4 35 6 37 1 1
Career 82 1757 7097 4.0 63 47 353 30 20

Overall, not horrible. However, do these stats equal the hype the all-time college rushing leader had entering the draft? No. Only the 2002 season appears to be the season that Ricky was expected to have all along. These numbers look like Bettis type numbers, and Bettis never had the ability to "turn around a franchise" as Bush is being tagged with that responsiblity by the media.

Bush, over his career, will probably fair well. Think about it, how much positive press has the Texans O-line recieved? None, at least from a past protection standpoint. Domanick Davis was able to get back-toback 1K+ seasons. Maybe Kubiak coming out from under Shanahan's rock can bring that "we can make any RB good" system with him. Who knows, I could be wrong on Bush, and there is no guarantee that he will be going to the Texans.

Part 2: NL West

I thought it would be important to group my series in a geographical nature. Judging by my title, the NL West is next.

San Diego: The chances that this team will win the division with a .500 record are nill. Eaton and Otsuka are lost to the Rangers. They did sign the sometime productive, often injured Piazza and the NL nomad Estes. Estes could be a decent addition to this starting rotation, to give Peavy some support. Peavy, should again, have a productive 15 win season. They also acquired the "all or nothing" Mike Cameron for Xavier Nady and added Mark Belhorn at 2nd base. In looking at these offseason moves, I don't think they gained a whole lot. This team could be another .500 team, but will not finish first.

LA Dodgers: I think the Dodgers get an "A" for their offseason moves. Adding some power and defense with Furcal, Garciaparra, Lofton and strengenthing the bullpen with Baez, Carter, Seo, and Hamulack to go along with Gange (assuming he recovers well from surgery). As it stands now, the Dodgers are my pick for first. A starting rotation of Lowe, Brad Penny and Odalis Perez, and now Tomko should fair well. Tomko will be the weakest link of the starting rotation. Furcal and Kent are both coming off of surgery, but both should be ready to go before or during spring training.

Giants: If Bonds comes back and stay healthy, they could easily take second place in the West. They lost a mediocre pitcher in Tomko to the rival Dodgers, but acquired Finley from the Angels. Besides these two moves, and losing Snow to the Red Sox, the Giants remained fairly silent during the Hot Stove league. With Jason Schmidt achoring the starting rotation again, they should do fairly well. Their offense has not changed a whole lot, but they did not keep up with the Dodgers in the off season.

D-Backs: Being a team in one of the larger Hot Stove moves trading Vasqueze to the White Sox for 3 players. One of those players is the young, hot prospect named Chris Young. You should see him either start in CF or be moved up from AAA sometime around June. The other two players, Orlando Hernadez and Luis Vizcaino, could help the D-back pitching, as long as Orlando can stay off the DL. Being an AL pitcher for his career and from a fantasy perspective, I would stay away from Orlando for at least a few starts in the NL, Vizcaino should help out in the bullpen nicely. Brad Helsey was a nice surprise last season for the starting rotation. They also picked up gold glover Orlando Hudson at second base. The D-back should give the Padres some competition for third...maybe even second.

Rockies: Nothing really looks that great for this team. Todd Helton had minor elbow surgery which could be the only positive thing to happen to the Rockies. Helton had a season that we have not seen from him since 1998. Let’s hope his elbow was the culprit. Not seeing a whole lot of activity on the offense front from the Rockies, so therefore, they are receiving my vote of "last". I think Forrest Gump said it best..."And thats all I have to say about that."

Giants (tie)
D-Backs (tie)

Look for the "central" divisions to be parts 3 and 4 in upcoming days/weeks.

For those of you crazy about Google Earth

Here is an interesting site of what I think are submissions by Google earth addicts. Looks like this takes geocaching to a virtual level.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Refs, enough already!

I am actually getting tired of Seachicken fans blaming the refs. I heard an "opinion" on ESPN Radio on the way to work today. They stated that Holmgren should "most definitely" be fined for his comments made Monday. I disagree with this on the fact that Porter was not fined. When it comes to the refs, you fine no one or everyone that complains. I am sure many folks want this looked at on a case-by-case basis.

What can the league office do to help with my idea? Review all games and fine officials for making obvious poor calls. The official that called Hasselbeck for the block below the waist on the tackle: Fine him 1K. Even fine them for when players change the ref's mind. I think refs make just over 100K for the season, I could be wrong, so I am not looking for the 10-30K that Holmgren will most likely be fined. I am not sure if this will help, but a ref will make a call based upon facts rather than what a defensive back tells him.

With that said:

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Part 1: The AL West

This is part 1 of a potential 6 part series. Who knows, I might write just this and call it good. I wanted to look and see how the other members of the AL West did this off-season.

The M's: I consider this a good off-season, we didn't go after another SS. We did sign a catcher from Japan, Kenji Johjima, I think I can live with that. He should be able to step in and help the backstop position from its carousel of players from last season. We added Jerrod Washburn as a starter. I am pleased with this move as well. Moyer is only getting older at 42 however; he was 10-0 last year at home. Pinerio and Meche need to pull their heads out this upcoming season. I liked Price as the pitching coach; however, the move to bring up Rafael Chaves from AAA Tacoma as the pitching coach should really help. He is familiar with King Felix, Pinerio and Meche.

The A's: They acquired Esteban Loaiza (AL starting pitching for the All Star game in 2004), Frank Thomas and Milton Bradley. All three of these picks have potential to pay great dividends for the A's. The aging Thomas will provide some pop off the bench, but nothing beyond that. Bradley should be a decent player in the OF with okay field coverage for the wide-open foul territory of Anti-virus stadium. Loaiza should help a rebuilding (all be it decent) pitching staff as he returns to the AL.

The Angels of SoCal: Another off-season where there is no protection for Vlad Guerrero. This could not only hurt the Angels, and fantasy owners. I had him last year on my team, great player, but needs some more bats on that club to make is fantasy point’s skyrocket. They have the ever fragile Erstad playing Center. The pitching staff lost Washburn to the M's without filling his void. You could see the Angels bringing up a lot of young prospects to get their feet wet in the bigs.

The Rangers: Teixeira received a nice raise for his outstanding offensive outputs the past two seasons; he has really come into his own. They did lose Soriano to the Nationals, taking away some power from that lineup. Pitching wise, they acquired a decent starter in Eaton and an awesome setup in Otsuka from the Padres. Along with Kevin Millwood signing, their staring rotation could be better than just throwing cameras. This group might be able to win games after the all-star break.

Projected finish:
M's - tie
Rangers -tie

(I am a Mariner fan, what did you expect. I just can't put us first)

Stay tuned for parts 2-6, when I feel like it.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Ads

First, a thank you to Bill. After the first quarter, I was feeling great! I was happy with the no first downs for Pitt, and the fact that we were moving the ball fairly well all in all.

My favorite ad, the MacGyver MasterCard. Why? Anyone that makes fun of ones self, gets a gold star in my book. Of course, Richard Dean Anderson could probably use the money, but it was a fairly creative ad, plus it had explosions.

The worst ads: FedEx and Pepsi. Why is it that the only thing I remember from the Pepsi ad is a coke can? I think I missed Pepsi's message in that one. The FedEx caveman was totally gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). I think it is a spin off of a movie, however, clearly not the best choice in my book.

So, who went to today? Budweiser always has some fairly well done ads and a few bombs as well. ESPN Mobile ad, not bad. Burger King, thank you for admitting the King looks creepy.

Bring on Morse

I am not a fan of those that use steroids. Baseball has enough black eyes from this, and the Mariners led the way with the most suspensions. How sad is that, we had like 3 people busted for steroids and we still finished last...but I digress.

We need a good person in LF. Reed in Center, Ichiro in RF and now....Morse in LF? He is young, a lot younger than Everett who I think will be a good deep threat at DH. Morse doesn't have the power that Matt Lawton has (3 HR to 13 HR respectively). But Morse does hit for a higher average. For now, I should be happy with Ibanez playing LF, decent power (20HR) and decent average (.280 last year). I feel that Ibanez is a better player/hitter than DH, put Everett at DH this year.

Bring on the pitchers! To bad Ryan Anderson did not work out as the hype surrounding him made him sound (6'8" or something like that with 95 Fastball), dubbed the "little unit". In a lot of ways, last years dismal season helped Seattle push some younger, inexperienced talent into the Majors. I think we will do okay this year and perhaps be the surprise of the West. At least, that is how I feel today.

Wire tapping, my last post on this topic

Yesterday, in my pre-game avoidance channel surfing, I stumbled upon a Bush public experience from April of 04 in Buffalo, NY. Quote (at least 95% correct, I forget exactly the first 5 words) "You will hear about wire tapping. When we go after terrorists, we need a court order. Nothing has changed."

Did I miss something? Something must have changed from April of 04 to Dec of 05 for the wire tapping to go from needing "a court order" to being legal without it? Those are W's words. I am looking on the internet for the clip to put in here as link. It is only like 10 seconds. Maybe in seconds 11, 12 and 13 he told everyone "oh, I just kidding." But I doubt it.

If the threat of WMD and terrorists were so severe, why did he put less than half the troop count into Iraq that his dad put into Kuwait? His father put like 310K troops into a country the size of Connecticut and W puts 130K into a country the size of California. Oh sure, it was the coalition forces arguments here, gotcha. Even with the coalition, we don't approach the 300k+ plus in the Gulf War. In some ways, I would imagine that 300K+ troops in Iraq would help with training Iraqi forces and dealing with the insurgents.

In doing some more digging, my figures were wrong on the Gulf War. On allied side, 700,000 soldiers participated, of which 540,000 were US troops.

Now that sounds like a coalition force.

ABC Coverage

I am disappointed that we had to be rushed off to Grey's Anatomy at 8:30 instead of going into each locker room to get reactions. Actually, I am pretty upset with all of ABC's coverage of the bowl.

The only Seahawks to get their "Trophy" commercial aired was Matt's in the 3rd quarter. Madden, just shut up. You’re well passed your prime. Just stick to making video games.

For those of you wondering, Holmgren found Cowher in the Steelers locker room to shake hands. If ABC would have followed through on Berman's promise with "locker room reactions" you might have seen that. Instead, ESPN Radio has received a lot of hate mail about what a poor sport Holmgren was after the game.


Ugh! I have never been more disappointed with my team’s performance than I was yesterday. Jeremy Steven, just shut up! If you are going to send Bettis home without a trophy, catch the fucking ball! You were thrown to 5 times, and only 1 catch. Sure, it was for a TD, but we also needed to move the ball on the other 4 times. D-Jack, know where your feat are. You had a great 1st quarter, but after that, nothing. Offense, time management! A team that goes 13-3 should know how to manage the clock to close a half. You failed to do this closing out the half, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter. Punt the ball out of bounds, at least look like you are trying to pin them deep.

Momentum shift: Not the 75 yard run from Parker. The poor clock management to close the half and giving your kicker no time to setup for the 50+ yard FG that you left him.

Now, the Seahawks lost this game, for sure. However, I am going to bitch about the officiating:

1. D-Jack, sure you pushed off in front of an official in the back of the end zone. Ward does it all the time, he just won't get caught, watch the game film so you can copy his style. For those of you that missed it, Ward pushed off with both hands in the 3rd quarter on a 12 yard out. Of course, ABC didn't even talk about it even when the replay camera of the play CLEARY shows it.

2. The Vinny Testerverde-esk TD. In a game like this, that play is too close to make accurately. If he calls Roth down, there isn’t enough to overturn the call. Call him down and let the Steelers decided what to do. Sure, they probably would have gone for it on 4th, and scored, but the TD would have been legit. Vinny images crashing back into my mind.

3. Blocking below the waist on a tackle? It may been the 5 minute string of profanity spewing out of my mouth that forced me to missed Al and John's ever so accurate explanation on why the tackler Matt Hasselbeck, gets called for blocking below the waist? The flag was a dead ball foul. So the guy that was behind the ball carrier that hurdles Matt is where the call is? AFTER he made the tackle? Seriously? If that style of tackling is so illegal, then every time a CB tackles someone, call it. Cornerback's haven't wrapped up on a tackle since the mid-90's. So instead of the 29 yard line to start the drive, they start at the 44. That was a nice gift.

4. Taunting. Something has to be done about this. Where does is say that after a tackle, you can stand over a guy and/or interfere with him trying to get up? I know that trash talk is part of the game, but do that AS you are walking back to the huddle or at some other time. I thought the league put taunting rules into play years ago. Both teams were guilty of this. If they started penalizing players 15 yards for doing this, it might happen less.

5. It must have been just me, but the Steelers looked offsides on back-to-back plays before the INT. It was so close to call with the snap of the ball. Perhaps that was a good on-call.

Would any of these mistakes by the black and white change the outcome, no. If Stevens actually catches a ball (that is not called back) or D-Jack knows where his feat are, or we don’t miss 2 field goals, it is a different game.

Seahawk fans get more disappointment than a toilet seat gets ass.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Symbols of corporate slavery

I was blog surfing. Yes, blog surfing, I have the copyright on that term, so screw you Texas A&M. Anywho, I stumbled upon a great blog about the evil that lies in cell phones, laptops and for some pagers. Being in the tech industry for 9 years now, I have established some wonderful opinions on these symbols of corporate slavery.

First, I am making no attempt to be a racist, so do even start with me. Moving on…

Why do you think the person on the bus/train that has his laptop bag over his shoulder with blue-tooth ear piece shining blue and with PDA and stylus in hands is important? Sure, some needs in business seem to warrant this type of ball and chain mentality. Most of the time, I feel that they are trying to look busy/important than what they really are. I like to use a laptop for my job, since I do follow an on-call rotation requiring 24/7 support to my end users. The first day I receive my new laptop is great fun for me, but taking it home just reminds that I have a job to go to on Monday.

Cell phones. I will do whatever I can to not own one on my own. For most of my career, I have been supplied one that I have learned to ignore. What I don’t get, those people that call, you don’t answer, so instead of leaving a voicemail, they hang up and keep calling. After 3 or 4 attempts at this, with still no reaction from me (Either my cell phone is in the other room, or I am actually in a busy place and in the process of turning my phone off) they still don’t leave a message. Then, when you do actually touch base with the caller, “I have been trying to get a hold of you!” Want faster results; leave a fucking message the first time. Unless you are a really good friend, your repeated calls have dropped you to the bottom of my priority list. For my “subscribers” to this lame blog, we went through 25+ years on our lives w/o cell phones. As kids in middle/high school I always had a quarter in my pocket to call home. Now, kids at age 8 are getting phones…WTF is that? Even Verizon and other cell phone companies are marketing to them. Parents (to meet today’s babysitter needs and other care related activities) I can see, but PLEASE don’t give your kid a cell phone.

Driving while talking, get hands free at least. Standing in a public area on a call (restaurants, airports), you are not important. It is called a cell phone, there is no cord, get the fuck out of your chair/public area, and take your obvious private call to a fucking private area! I swear, these people that need to make calls in airports and let everyone know they are on a call, have some sort of “hey, look at me” complex. Then, we have those that are traveling that are on the phone up to the point they are having their ticket scanned to board. Perhaps you should just travel on travel days. Many people will say “but I need to know what is going on!” Come on! You honestly think there won’t be some sort of follow up meeting or at least the minutes emailed out to those that need them. As we all know, meetings exist in the corporate America so that those that need to listen to themselves talk can do that in a business setting.

Cookie Dough, is there anything it can't do?

Taking a page from one Simpson, Homer. I was "rewarded" with two tubes of raw cookie dough. I must say, I love this stuff. Over time, I am sure I have built up a tolerance to salmonella. I am not sure what draws me to the dough of uncooked cookies. Is it the fact that was I was banned from such savory treats as a kid and now I am acting out? Perhaps. It could also be that cookie dough just happens to kick ass.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil and a belly-itcher

In honor of our famous groundhog, I am wearing a Navy blue shirt since Phil saw his shadow today. I also listened to "I got you babe" repeatedly on the way to work this morning. Looks like spring will start around March 21...I for one am shocked. Of course, if you live in Missoula, spring will start around tax day or later, as usual.

Looks like pitchers and catches report on the 15th for the Mariners. I am getting excited to get this season going. I have already blocked out times when the Rainers are coming to town to play the newly renamed Salt Lake Bees.

I hope that the youth up the middle does end up being our starting middle infield. We have had Boone and A-Rod before with 25+ HR's a piece. Now it looks like Betancourt at SS with Lopez and/or Bloomquist at 2nd. They should be one of, if not the best defensive infields in the league. Offensively, I just hope they get on base. Pitching is going be our weakest link, I think. Sure, we have the youthful King Felix and Moyer with his 80 MPH fastball. Pitching has proved to be a key cog in the wheel for success in the majors. Look at NY, more offensive power than 10 teams combined, but some fairly erratic pitching in the past few years. A team that could be in the World Series every year, has been absent for several years.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Enron...where are you?

Has anything happened to the Enron folks? I know the CFO was found guilty awhile back, this is the only person I recall going to trial. Perhaps I am on drugs. (It wouldn't be the first time). I am not a Martha Stewart fan, but she was tried, found guilty and severed her time for insider trading. Ken Lay (however you spell the CEO's name) has had nothing happen to him. What Martha Stewart did was wrong, no doubt, however, Ken screwed the blue and white collar workers out of their retirement. Plus, the fact that Lay did this back in like 2001 and nothing has happened to him from a punishment standpoint is ludicrous to me. If I was getting screwed out of my 15+ year retirement fund with a company, I would be mad. The fact that Ken had to sell his private jet, and a couple "travel" homes is NOT punishment.

After venting, I decided to use that monster "google" to find some stuff about him. I completely understand that others companies (Adelphia, Tyco) also screwed with their numbers that affected a lot of their employees. Ken Lay was/is the poster child for this fall of corporate America.