Monday, February 06, 2006


Ugh! I have never been more disappointed with my team’s performance than I was yesterday. Jeremy Steven, just shut up! If you are going to send Bettis home without a trophy, catch the fucking ball! You were thrown to 5 times, and only 1 catch. Sure, it was for a TD, but we also needed to move the ball on the other 4 times. D-Jack, know where your feat are. You had a great 1st quarter, but after that, nothing. Offense, time management! A team that goes 13-3 should know how to manage the clock to close a half. You failed to do this closing out the half, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter. Punt the ball out of bounds, at least look like you are trying to pin them deep.

Momentum shift: Not the 75 yard run from Parker. The poor clock management to close the half and giving your kicker no time to setup for the 50+ yard FG that you left him.

Now, the Seahawks lost this game, for sure. However, I am going to bitch about the officiating:

1. D-Jack, sure you pushed off in front of an official in the back of the end zone. Ward does it all the time, he just won't get caught, watch the game film so you can copy his style. For those of you that missed it, Ward pushed off with both hands in the 3rd quarter on a 12 yard out. Of course, ABC didn't even talk about it even when the replay camera of the play CLEARY shows it.

2. The Vinny Testerverde-esk TD. In a game like this, that play is too close to make accurately. If he calls Roth down, there isn’t enough to overturn the call. Call him down and let the Steelers decided what to do. Sure, they probably would have gone for it on 4th, and scored, but the TD would have been legit. Vinny images crashing back into my mind.

3. Blocking below the waist on a tackle? It may been the 5 minute string of profanity spewing out of my mouth that forced me to missed Al and John's ever so accurate explanation on why the tackler Matt Hasselbeck, gets called for blocking below the waist? The flag was a dead ball foul. So the guy that was behind the ball carrier that hurdles Matt is where the call is? AFTER he made the tackle? Seriously? If that style of tackling is so illegal, then every time a CB tackles someone, call it. Cornerback's haven't wrapped up on a tackle since the mid-90's. So instead of the 29 yard line to start the drive, they start at the 44. That was a nice gift.

4. Taunting. Something has to be done about this. Where does is say that after a tackle, you can stand over a guy and/or interfere with him trying to get up? I know that trash talk is part of the game, but do that AS you are walking back to the huddle or at some other time. I thought the league put taunting rules into play years ago. Both teams were guilty of this. If they started penalizing players 15 yards for doing this, it might happen less.

5. It must have been just me, but the Steelers looked offsides on back-to-back plays before the INT. It was so close to call with the snap of the ball. Perhaps that was a good on-call.

Would any of these mistakes by the black and white change the outcome, no. If Stevens actually catches a ball (that is not called back) or D-Jack knows where his feat are, or we don’t miss 2 field goals, it is a different game.

Seahawk fans get more disappointment than a toilet seat gets ass.

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Bill said...

It took Pittsburgh 19 minutes to get a first down. That was amazing. Nice work 'hawks D.