Monday, February 06, 2006

Bring on Morse

I am not a fan of those that use steroids. Baseball has enough black eyes from this, and the Mariners led the way with the most suspensions. How sad is that, we had like 3 people busted for steroids and we still finished last...but I digress.

We need a good person in LF. Reed in Center, Ichiro in RF and now....Morse in LF? He is young, a lot younger than Everett who I think will be a good deep threat at DH. Morse doesn't have the power that Matt Lawton has (3 HR to 13 HR respectively). But Morse does hit for a higher average. For now, I should be happy with Ibanez playing LF, decent power (20HR) and decent average (.280 last year). I feel that Ibanez is a better player/hitter than DH, put Everett at DH this year.

Bring on the pitchers! To bad Ryan Anderson did not work out as the hype surrounding him made him sound (6'8" or something like that with 95 Fastball), dubbed the "little unit". In a lot of ways, last years dismal season helped Seattle push some younger, inexperienced talent into the Majors. I think we will do okay this year and perhaps be the surprise of the West. At least, that is how I feel today.

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