Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Enron...where are you?

Has anything happened to the Enron folks? I know the CFO was found guilty awhile back, this is the only person I recall going to trial. Perhaps I am on drugs. (It wouldn't be the first time). I am not a Martha Stewart fan, but she was tried, found guilty and severed her time for insider trading. Ken Lay (however you spell the CEO's name) has had nothing happen to him. What Martha Stewart did was wrong, no doubt, however, Ken screwed the blue and white collar workers out of their retirement. Plus, the fact that Lay did this back in like 2001 and nothing has happened to him from a punishment standpoint is ludicrous to me. If I was getting screwed out of my 15+ year retirement fund with a company, I would be mad. The fact that Ken had to sell his private jet, and a couple "travel" homes is NOT punishment.

After venting, I decided to use that monster "google" to find some stuff about him. I completely understand that others companies (Adelphia, Tyco) also screwed with their numbers that affected a lot of their employees. Ken Lay was/is the poster child for this fall of corporate America.

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