Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Part 1: The AL West

This is part 1 of a potential 6 part series. Who knows, I might write just this and call it good. I wanted to look and see how the other members of the AL West did this off-season.

The M's: I consider this a good off-season, we didn't go after another SS. We did sign a catcher from Japan, Kenji Johjima, I think I can live with that. He should be able to step in and help the backstop position from its carousel of players from last season. We added Jerrod Washburn as a starter. I am pleased with this move as well. Moyer is only getting older at 42 however; he was 10-0 last year at home. Pinerio and Meche need to pull their heads out this upcoming season. I liked Price as the pitching coach; however, the move to bring up Rafael Chaves from AAA Tacoma as the pitching coach should really help. He is familiar with King Felix, Pinerio and Meche.

The A's: They acquired Esteban Loaiza (AL starting pitching for the All Star game in 2004), Frank Thomas and Milton Bradley. All three of these picks have potential to pay great dividends for the A's. The aging Thomas will provide some pop off the bench, but nothing beyond that. Bradley should be a decent player in the OF with okay field coverage for the wide-open foul territory of Anti-virus stadium. Loaiza should help a rebuilding (all be it decent) pitching staff as he returns to the AL.

The Angels of SoCal: Another off-season where there is no protection for Vlad Guerrero. This could not only hurt the Angels, and fantasy owners. I had him last year on my team, great player, but needs some more bats on that club to make is fantasy point’s skyrocket. They have the ever fragile Erstad playing Center. The pitching staff lost Washburn to the M's without filling his void. You could see the Angels bringing up a lot of young prospects to get their feet wet in the bigs.

The Rangers: Teixeira received a nice raise for his outstanding offensive outputs the past two seasons; he has really come into his own. They did lose Soriano to the Nationals, taking away some power from that lineup. Pitching wise, they acquired a decent starter in Eaton and an awesome setup in Otsuka from the Padres. Along with Kevin Millwood signing, their staring rotation could be better than just throwing cameras. This group might be able to win games after the all-star break.

Projected finish:
M's - tie
Rangers -tie

(I am a Mariner fan, what did you expect. I just can't put us first)

Stay tuned for parts 2-6, when I feel like it.

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