Friday, February 17, 2006

Part 6: NL East

Here we go, last piece of this crap puzzle

Marlins: Talk about your fire sale. Dontrelle is the only member that remains. Yes, I know there are others, but Beckett is gone, your closer is gone, and the corners are gone as well. Who is left? A lot of young potential. . Add in the talk of moving this ball club out of South Florida and nothing is looking good for this club. I am going to say last place here, but don't be surprised if 4th place works out if the talent matures.

Braves: The Braves follow the "closer by committee" approach in years past. From the look of if, the same could hold true this year. Offensively, the Jones group returns to help, assuming that Chipper remains healthy all year. Pitching is still decent; however, I think the Braves finish second this year, and with some stiff competition from the Phillies.

Mets: My pick for first. They did a lot of help out the offense with the additions of Delgado. They added good relief pitching with Wagner and Jorge Julio. Starter Glavine and Martinez will anchor a staff of otherwise, no-namers. The Mets did spend a lot this off-season, raising the expectations to a first place finish. I feel they could bounce the Braves out of first.

Phillies: Another team that could move ahead of the Braves. Wagner departs and Flash Gordon will probably take over the closer roll. Gordon does not have a 100 MPH fastball, but it will be interesting to see how he embraces this role. They do lack a true "ace" with their starting staff. Having Pat Gillick GM this squad now should help, he has made playoff contenders out of both the Jays and the M's in his career. I will pick them for third, but could be ahead of the Braves in second.

Nationals: They lost Preston Wilson to the 'stros this off-season; that is a pretty big bat loss. This team is still the Montreal Expos, and will be at least for another season. They have a great closer in Cordero, but beyond that, not much. Livan Hernandez is your ace on this staff, however, the good pitching stops there and the inconsistency moves on. You may see another "surprise" run by this team in mid-summer, but don't expect much beyond that. A fourth place finish.

Final Standing:
Phillies (tie)
Braves (tie)

This concludes 6 parts of MLB bullcrap analysis from yours truly. I hope to put in some Fantasy picks in the upcoming weeks.

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