Friday, February 03, 2006

Symbols of corporate slavery

I was blog surfing. Yes, blog surfing, I have the copyright on that term, so screw you Texas A&M. Anywho, I stumbled upon a great blog about the evil that lies in cell phones, laptops and for some pagers. Being in the tech industry for 9 years now, I have established some wonderful opinions on these symbols of corporate slavery.

First, I am making no attempt to be a racist, so do even start with me. Moving on…

Why do you think the person on the bus/train that has his laptop bag over his shoulder with blue-tooth ear piece shining blue and with PDA and stylus in hands is important? Sure, some needs in business seem to warrant this type of ball and chain mentality. Most of the time, I feel that they are trying to look busy/important than what they really are. I like to use a laptop for my job, since I do follow an on-call rotation requiring 24/7 support to my end users. The first day I receive my new laptop is great fun for me, but taking it home just reminds that I have a job to go to on Monday.

Cell phones. I will do whatever I can to not own one on my own. For most of my career, I have been supplied one that I have learned to ignore. What I don’t get, those people that call, you don’t answer, so instead of leaving a voicemail, they hang up and keep calling. After 3 or 4 attempts at this, with still no reaction from me (Either my cell phone is in the other room, or I am actually in a busy place and in the process of turning my phone off) they still don’t leave a message. Then, when you do actually touch base with the caller, “I have been trying to get a hold of you!” Want faster results; leave a fucking message the first time. Unless you are a really good friend, your repeated calls have dropped you to the bottom of my priority list. For my “subscribers” to this lame blog, we went through 25+ years on our lives w/o cell phones. As kids in middle/high school I always had a quarter in my pocket to call home. Now, kids at age 8 are getting phones…WTF is that? Even Verizon and other cell phone companies are marketing to them. Parents (to meet today’s babysitter needs and other care related activities) I can see, but PLEASE don’t give your kid a cell phone.

Driving while talking, get hands free at least. Standing in a public area on a call (restaurants, airports), you are not important. It is called a cell phone, there is no cord, get the fuck out of your chair/public area, and take your obvious private call to a fucking private area! I swear, these people that need to make calls in airports and let everyone know they are on a call, have some sort of “hey, look at me” complex. Then, we have those that are traveling that are on the phone up to the point they are having their ticket scanned to board. Perhaps you should just travel on travel days. Many people will say “but I need to know what is going on!” Come on! You honestly think there won’t be some sort of follow up meeting or at least the minutes emailed out to those that need them. As we all know, meetings exist in the corporate America so that those that need to listen to themselves talk can do that in a business setting.

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