Thursday, March 30, 2006


I was recently asked for my opinion on the Bonds situation. BAD.

This guy is an idiot. For those of you that have not heard, MLB is launching an investigation into steroid use, primarily Bonds. Advertisers and sponsors have said they will not support any type of "Bonds celebration" should he break the Babe's record and for sure Aaron's.

I hate to be a "guilty until proven guilty" sort of guy, but the stories/evidence is there. This man has stood before the press and accused them of ruining his life. Now, he is not entirely wrong here, however, if the steroid speculations turn to cold hard facts, he is the ass.

We had a vendor out from San Fran last week and I asked him how the bay area is reacting to this. He informed me that the majority of people say "as long as he hits HR's, no one cares". Not true baseball fans. I appreciate what this game offers from all aspects. But if someone has taken some of the cream or the clear to hit HR's, I would rather not go to a Giants game.

I am not saying I am a fan of investigations, but I am looking forward to "the clear"ing of this debate.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baseball is almost here!

Trying to live up to my promise of no more politics on my blog is challenging. I will make one comment. It took 3 years to "justify" this war, and these justifications are not even coming from our government. It is about 3 years too late; we are waist deep in this shit now. Does the justification really matter at this point? Is it going to get us out any sooner? That would be a no. In my opinion, it is a moot point. Thanks for attempting to raise the president’s approval rating, because this will work. Again, that still doesn't not make this war "right". The Middle East is not a place for us to spread democracy. The power of the people needs to rise up to win this war, not the power of the USA. Okay...again, trying to live up to my promise of no more politics!

I am going to quickly mention that baseball in order to lower my blood pressure.

My fantasy team is questionable at best. However, this goes for most teams at this time of year, I won't know more on this until about tax day, perhaps even Cinco de Mayo.

I did something new this year, and tried to go after rookies that were sold as "hot prospects". Every year, someone finds the Zach Duke's of the league and does fairly well with them in their lineups. This year I tried that with the new Mariners catcher Johjima. I broke my own rule of never putting players from my favorite team on my fantasy teams. I have also added the CF for the White Sox Brian Anderson, and a potential starting pitcher for Florida in Scott Olsen. This could really back fire, especially having a Marlin on my team, but time will tell.

I will be sure to keep all 3 of my readers informed of my progress or lack there of.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

How bout them Griz!

Way to go Griz! Making your second straight appearance in March Madness. They were able to beat the #1 seed in the Big Sky (NAU) on their home court to advance. Thanks to "Championship Week" on ESPN 8, the ocho, I was had the unique opportunity to watch them play. Overall, I thought they looked pretty good. I will be excited to see who we are seeded with. I say this every year, but we could upset a decent team in the tourney. We only lost to Washington last year by 11 points and they were the #1 seed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Yesterday, the game of baseball lost a great player. I was never a Twins fan, nor will I ever be, however you need to respect the man and his game. Kirby was a player that saw walking to first base as failure to not hit the ball.

I don't have a great sports memory (at least those memories that don't involve my actual attendance at games) but 1991 comes to mind when we think of Kirby. The Twins/Braves World Series that year was one for the ages. Kirby, by himself, forced a game 7 and helped the Twins capture the title.

It is sad to see those that we were able to watch, pass on. Today, let’s put aside the "off the field" troubles that followed Puckett, instead let's celebrate the player.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Off to a smashing start

The M's have started off less than stellar this spring training season. Honestly, I don't mind. I would much rather watch my team perform miserably in the month of March than in September. If you look at previous seasons, there appears to be a direct correlation between a good spring and poor regular season. At least this holds true from the M's standpoint.

I just purchased my MLB radio (it use to be free people!) to listen to all the spring games. Overall, it sounds like things are coming together for the M's. Sure, they are 0-3, and lost a big lead to the Padres yesterday, but overall things sound good. As feared our pen could be our weakest link.

Since my Fantasy Baseball manager finally found a draft time that worked for him, I plan on blogging what I see as "tips" on who to draft and why. Since I have a piss poor fantasy record, no one should listen to me.

On a very positive note, the Hawks re-signed Alexander to a contact that should allow him to finish his career in Seattle. Way to go Seachickens, however, the rest of the team will play for free for the next 6 years.