Monday, March 06, 2006

Off to a smashing start

The M's have started off less than stellar this spring training season. Honestly, I don't mind. I would much rather watch my team perform miserably in the month of March than in September. If you look at previous seasons, there appears to be a direct correlation between a good spring and poor regular season. At least this holds true from the M's standpoint.

I just purchased my MLB radio (it use to be free people!) to listen to all the spring games. Overall, it sounds like things are coming together for the M's. Sure, they are 0-3, and lost a big lead to the Padres yesterday, but overall things sound good. As feared our pen could be our weakest link.

Since my Fantasy Baseball manager finally found a draft time that worked for him, I plan on blogging what I see as "tips" on who to draft and why. Since I have a piss poor fantasy record, no one should listen to me.

On a very positive note, the Hawks re-signed Alexander to a contact that should allow him to finish his career in Seattle. Way to go Seachickens, however, the rest of the team will play for free for the next 6 years.

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