Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 out of 3

Woohoo, a series win against the World Series champs. We were able to beat their ace in Mark Buerhle last night. Besides the one blow out, we did okay. Eddie still looks like crap, in my opinion, and should be replaced as the closer. Not sure how long Hargrove and Chaves should try to get him "back on track".

The Rainers come to town next weekend. However, we are taking our camper out for the first trip of the season that weekend. I hope to catch Monday's game of the Bees vs. Rainers. I hope to see Jared Weaver pitch for the Bees and anyone pitch for the M's. Besides King Felix, I am not up on my Mariner pitching prospects.

This weekend, Jason K. (will keep him anonymous) is getting married in San Fran. Lora and I will be attending along with the Taylor's. I only mention this because one of my loyal readers (Bill, if that is your real name) might want to know.

Congrats to Ryan and Amy on their second daughter. Lora and I will be thinking about you and your new girl, Molly.

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