Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Ugh, it is still early, but we are not able to do anything at home this year where we are 5-10. We were recently swept by the Tigers of Detroit....yes, the Tigers. They are my dark horse pick of for the AL Central, so I wasn't surprised, but damn disappointed. Verlander came up a lot earlier than May (and is on my fantasy team). He topped 100 on the gun a week back; he has a lot of potential out there.

King Felix, needs to find his groove. This guy is proving to be the most over-rated pitching prospect in the bigs. I am a fan and will be loyal to him, but he is only 20...I think the pressure is getting to him. He will win the Cy Young one year, just not for another 5 or 6 seasons. Look at Brian Bannister for the Mets, 2-0 with a 2.35 ERA in 4 games. I told you before, and I will tell you again, watch out for the Mets. Scott Olsen for the Marlins is doing okay, but not great. Papelbon, who I dropped in fantasy league this year because he was set to be middle relief, is the best closer currently with 9 saves! For those of you keeping score at home, 9 saves is the most in a month by a rookie...and I dropped him. I will never live that one down.

Liriano is doing well for the Twins in his middle relief roll, he have 16 K's in 11 innings. I have the other youngster on the Twins staff, Scott Baker. If you can deal with the adjustment that yutes go through in the majors, Liriano is a decent pickup, if you are into middle relievers.

Off to a meeting, will try to write again today....

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