Friday, April 21, 2006

Get Eddie out of there

He has blown back-to-back games that he has appeared in...WTF?! This is not something your over-paid closer should be doing. I am not a huge fan of J.J. Putz either, but he might do a better job. Perhaps, give George Sherrill a shot. Soriano is good, but not good enough to be a closer, in my opinion; he is build more for long relief. But, at this stage, try him...anyone is better than Eddie. In doing some more reading, sounds like Putz may get a chance to close games. At least Putz has a 4.00 ERA while Eddie has an 11.12 ERA.

Weekend will be spent doing some yard work and getting the trailer ready for the spring/summer camping season we have planned. It is supposed to be nice around the SLC area most of the weekend, with perhaps some thunderstorms. I always enjoy a good thunderstorm.

We are selling our Ford Escort. This has been a great car for us, but we are selling it to help out with putting money towards other things. We are keeping the car my father gave us, that gets 8 MPG less than the Escort. Our timing is probably not the best from a gas price standpoint; however, I like the idea of only having 1 car per household member.

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Greg said...

There's nothing like the pride you get from being swept by the Tigers, I've heard.