Monday, April 17, 2006


So this weekend was 70+ on both days. On Saturday, we woke up to a fresh rainfall. So today comes, and we have a current temp of 35 degrees and snowing to beat the band. We are supposed to expect 1-4 inches in the valley. WTF is that? My wife planted a lot of great tulips that were coming up to make our house resemble a home in Holland. However, this storm runs the risk of killing/destroying those flowers that have bloomed. Ugh!

The M's played the Sox tough all weekend. There are playing a 4th game as I type this (2-2 after 4). It would be nice if we could get a win today, that would give us a split with Boston, and put us 4-3 on this round trip. That would make this trip a huge success.

Hope that everyone had a nice Easter. We didn't do too much, mostly yard work.

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