Friday, June 30, 2006

Possesions update

For those of you curious, I thought I would update you on the Intel iMac and the Diesel Jeep Liberty. Let’s start with Jeep.

Early in June, Daimler Chrysler announced that the Diesel Liberty will no be produced starting with the 2007 line. They will continue to produce the 3.7L gas Liberty. Instead, they are putting a 3.0 L CRD (common rail diesel) into the Grand Cherokee. The Liberty was a 2.8 L CRD. Preliminary reports show a slight improvement in MPG over its gas counter part...slight. The diesel engine will be a Mercedes engine. The Liberty came with a VM Motori CRD motor, which is an Italian division on Detroit Diesel, a DaimlerChrysler company. I have come to be a fan of a CRD diesel engine. The Grand Cherokee is expected to hit showroom floors the first quarter of 2007.

The iMac: Way back when we purchased this beauty, I informed everyone it only comes with 512 MB of RAM. We, yesterday, finally purchased a 1 GB stick. Movies that took my wife hours and I mean like 6 hours to burn, happen now in less than 60 minutes. Having 1.5 GB of RAM has been a dream; I wish we would have done this way back when. However, purchase your Mac online, the RAM upgrade is a lot cheaper at time of purchase. I would recommend maxing out your RAM at time of purchase; it will save you money in the long run. Only buy in the store if they can match the online pricing for the upgrade.

March Madness was going to expand?

My ESPN widget popped up with a story about how the March Madness Men Tourney is going to remain at 65 teams. Was this ever in question? I am sure there was great debate back in the day to expand it from 32 to 64, but anything beyond 64 and mediocrity becomes rewarded more so than ever. I only want conference tourney winners to have losing records in the brackets. Those tend to make the best games anyway!

Every year, some bubble team becomes highly pissed off that they got overlooked and takes that frustration out by losing in the first round of the NIT. (Does not always happen all the time, but you get my drift). For the most recent example of this, look at Utah State in 2005.

For me, the expansion should never happen, period. (Seems redundant to say "period" than put a "." there...oh well).

10 out of the last 12!

I had the unique opportunity to watch the M's play the D-Back last night. SLC from time to time gets D-Backs games on FoxSports Rocky Mountain, not sure how, but I am not complaining this time. It was great to see the team win a game in the 9th. We are now 2 games back of the A's for the lead in the West, in second place and 2 games over .500. There will only be 1 team going to the playoffs from the West, so it becomes important for us to win the division.

Things I noticed:
1. Jeremy Reed really sucks at the plate. Excellent fielder, but he needs to find a way to get that bat going.
2. Johjima is somewhat fast to get a triple in the 9th. This is also the highlight on the website.
3. J.J.Putz has a mean split-finger; he has saved 15 out of 16.
4. Meche did fairly well, he did not have an earned run in the game (1 balk, 1 E)
5. The team plays well against the NL, 13-2.
6. The D-Backs do have good, young talent, a team of the future. But I think Bob Melvin might lose yet another managing job.

The biggest take-away from this game is that we fought to the end. Granite, they were only down 1 run in the 9th, but they still played well to get 2 runs in the 9th.

Next stop, the Rockies. I am looking forward to this because they actually carry these games in SLC!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Leaf blowers...WTF?

As I was walking my dog the other day, I witnessed a woman blowing her recently mowed grass to the middle of a cut-de-sac. Why? The leaf blower does nothing beneficial, in my opinion. Especially if you are a neighbor that does not have one to blow your neighbors junk back their direction. In SLC, there is usually a small breeze blowing, so that nice well blown pile will most likely end up spread between several yards within the cul-de-sac.

After I mow my yard, I sweep up as much of the trimmings that made it onto the pavement. I then either put it in the trash can or put in an area of the yard that does not have grass. Perhaps I am naive, but I really don't see the benefit of just blowing your junk somewhere else.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Roundup rocked

We are fresh off a trip to the Driggs, ID area for the Spinone Roundup. It was a great time. This was Basil's first time around other Spinones since birth. I can honestly say, I don't think I have seen our dog happier. Everyone that reads this blog could probably care less, but we played a few games. It was a fairly laid back atmosphere. They were going to show us a hunting trial for the dogs, but that never did happen. I am sure we will do this event every 2 years, it was fun.

We camped at a great little campground in Victor, ID. The lots were decent size and grassy. Besides the highway noise which was not a lot, it was pretty quiet. Showers were older, but in good shape.

I have only been to the Driggs area, Teton valley twice that I can remember. This is a very beautiful area. The Wyoming side is better for view, but not for price.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cnet review

A few days ago, I rambled on about my first cell phone purchase. I also posted a review at that same day. I realize it was only after one weeks worth of use, but so many people talked about the camera or other features that in my opinion were not "phone functional related". So I posted a "phone use only" review and gave it a rather high mark.

I went back to today to see if anyone marked me as "yes, this helped me decide on a product" button. There was a newer review by someone that was totally pissed off. His complaint for giving them 2 out of computer connectivity. He never states why this was so important to him. Was it for his MP3 player or to synch with his Outlook contacts? The Outlook part, I could see that being an issue.

He also mentioned the low volume of the headset. I have not experienced this issue with this phone. I could see if he was calling for a crowded bar and refused to step outside to make a call. I don't think any cell phone would work well in that situation.

I am not saying that my review was great, however, I did give examples of why I chose this phone. I also state up front that I only plan on using this phone as a phone. All this guy does is complain without giving any examples. Tell us why computer connectivity is so important or why the headset is so low for you.

I will give him credit for reviewing a piece of this equipment that was never test in the actual review.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Making changes

I am into one of those "lets blog for 15 minutes a day" routines again. When I am not blogging, I miss the release of thought and energy. Using the blog to release some fun, sometime pissed off, energy is nice. Besides my Mariner mug of company slug, it is a good way to start the the work day.

Darn A's!

This series carries a lot of weight with me, a 3 game road series against the A's. The A's always appear to get red hot in the summer months. I am not sure what it is, but once June hits, the green machine starts it journey to the top of the West heap.

Felix won't be pitching this series, and we could use him, he is the M's hottest pitcher right now. However, King Felix does get to face the Giants on a FOX televised game Saturday. This will give me good reason to get all yard work done in a timely manner. (Assuming the SLC Fox station actually carries the game). I have sent many angry emails to television stations around the area complaining of advertised coverage of the Seahawks and Mariners in the past.

Only 10 days until our Spinone Roundup! I am excited to see how bizarre other Spinone are. Basil was our first ever interaction with a Spinone. We have heard there are others in the SLC area, but never have seen them. Going back to his breeder will be nice. Sadly, his mom is no longer with us and his dad has returned to his kennel in Wisconsin. I hope that others from his litter will be there.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Direct TV...SUCKS!

How dare you bastardize movies like Ferris Bueller, Twister and Austin Powers. Has your ad agency lost all originality? I think it might become time to get a new ad agency. Since you have (more or less) ruined specific scenes of a movie I will never buy your product. Ben Stein standing in front of class droning on with"Bueller" is classic. Fat Bastard wanting to eat mini me, funny shit. Your ads....blow shit!

Come up with your own original ads. This is completely sad and disturbing how much you stupid ass clown ads rile me up. Of course some other ass clown sold you the rights to that. Have you thought how ironic it is for you to ruin movies that you may show on your network?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Way to go M's!

Apparently, while I was camping this weekend void of technology and internet, the M's swept the Angels. Also, since I went on a Mariner fire sale in fantasy baseball, dropping Felix Hernandez, he is 3-1 with a CG and had an ERA of only 3.41 over those 4 games. He now has a 6-6 record. J.J. Putz is leading the M's with 10 saves in 11 opportunities while "Everyday Eddie" has 5 saves in 8 chances. We are only 3 games back from .500...Woohoo! The AL West is going to be a horrible division this year, or so it is looking that way. We now travel to Oakland for a 3 game set before returning home this Friday for inter-league play against team BALCO. We are only 2 games back from Oak-town, they swept us last time on our turf, I hope we can use this 3 game road sweep of the Angels to sweep the A's and move into second place. Saturday game against the Giants is on Fox, so those of you NOT in Utah should be able to see it.

My fantasy season has been anything but fun. I am too competitive to just throw in the towel, but remaining in 8th place now for 26 days and counting, is getting old. I am still ahead of last years champ, Martin, so there is a small moral victory building. Still trying to find that winning pitcher combination. My strategy of young talent has not completely let me down, but has come fairly close. That is the one fun thing I am taking away from this season, is that some of my off season research has paid off: Bannister for the Mets, Jared Weaver for the Angels, Verlander for the Tigers. My Marlins prospects appear to be doing okay, I have re-acquired Josh Johnson after he was moved back into the starting rotation and he has performed well. Ian Snell of the Pirates took awhile to get going, but he has won 5 straight games after a horrible start to his season. I told my friend John to pick up Ian Snell, he did early in the season, and dropped him just in time for him to win 5 straight...stupid poetic justice.

Yahoo has already started fantasy football sign up. They did this on June 1st. Every year it is earlier and earlier. Before you know it, we can create a new league right after the Super Bowl. This year, we have a killer draft time. September 6th at 6:00 PM, the day before the opening game. Yahoo is finally coming around to saving settings. I was able to import my previous league settings, something I asked for in the year 2000 from their customer service. So, I guess, they too finally listened.

Again, the fact that the Mariners drafted 34 pitchers still warms my heart. I don't care if it is sheer coincidence; it still makes me feel like I have some sort of influence. I can see the board room now. "This individual's email is interesting, let’s take an aggressive stance towards pitching in the upcoming draft. All in favor say raise your hand."

Cell phones...WTF?

I recently had the opportunity to purchase my first cell phone. For the longest time, my work has supplied a phone for me, usually the crappy, free kind. Now, my current employer is changing their policy, I guess they got tired of paying for everyone's personal use. Anywho, I was given an allowance to purchase a phone where 75% of my monthly bill is reimbursed. Onto my point...

I was looking up different phones. I am going to steal that burnt out comic routine of "Here's a point, make a phone I can make a call on!" Of course, the good comics will say how they took a picture sent to music on their phone, emailed customer service on their G3 network about how they cannot receive calls. Sorry, again getting off base.

For me, network speed was stupid. Who in their right mind is going to surf the internet on a 3 sq. inch screen? Who, besides those marketing and VP types out there, wants/needs email on their phone? One last point, I hate ring tones. Sure, they can be fun the first, maybe second time you hear them, but after the 6th time...back to vibrate for you.

I purchased the Samsung ZX10 on Cingulars network. This is a G3 phone, quad band for those that care. However, I have NO intention of surfing the internet from this phone. Chances are this will suck in Montana and Wyoming; Verizon seems to be the best for that area. Here was the order I researched phones: 1. clarity/reception 2. Battery 3. Feature/menu functions. Let’s hit these in order.

1. Clarity/reception. Perfect if you live in a major network. I recently traveled to DC and talking to my wife at home was like she was in the next room. I did not have any static on my line, and that static stayed away even when my reception hit the 1 bar mark. Headset volume is great.

2. Battery. This is where i made my sacrifice. The Razr allows for 12 days of standby, while the ZX10 allows for only 6 days. Talk time is about the same at 5-6 hours. Since I was purchasing a CLA, this was not as important as clarity and reception.

3. Features. I HATE camera phones, there is something seriously wrong with this. As stated above, I will at all costs avoid email on my phone and never plan on surfing the internet. I could care less if I am download ring tones and I do not want my phone to be my mp3 player. The reason I chose the ZX10, the camera button is on the inside phone panel, not on the exterior. I read a few reviews on phone where people were getting tired of deleting pictures of the inside of their pants pockets.

I am a "silent mode" only phone carrying guy. Sure, I may miss a call or two, but that is why they invented voicemail people! If it is important, callers will leave me a message.

For those friends that read this blog, my cell phone number has changed, it is (801) 867-5309....Yeah, I am not that fucking stupid. I will email that out to you all later, once I have built up enough rollover minutes. Onto blogging about more important things like the Mariners and fantasy baseball.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Holy Crap!

Again, someone is listening to me. The "me" link refers to a question I sent into the Mariners resident "expert", while the "listening" link shows what the M's did in the most recent draft. I only am telling you what the links are for those lazy readers out there. Of course, this is all coincidence even though it still does make me feel good about how the M's are trying to plan for the future. They went after 34 pitchers in a draft of 50 rounds! Of course, not all of them will arrive in Seattle wearing a Mariner uniform. Some will be traded and some will never fulfill the dream. Nonetheless, I still like the aggressive move.

Going camping this weekend, should be fun, and warm, not very far from the house. We have two weeks before we venture off to the Spinone roundup, I am excited. Basil has never been around another Spinone, so I am curious if all dogs are as odd as ours or we are lucky.

I have a bunch of odd rants swimming in around in the vastness of my mind, but I will try to reserve for those for next week.