Monday, June 12, 2006

Cell phones...WTF?

I recently had the opportunity to purchase my first cell phone. For the longest time, my work has supplied a phone for me, usually the crappy, free kind. Now, my current employer is changing their policy, I guess they got tired of paying for everyone's personal use. Anywho, I was given an allowance to purchase a phone where 75% of my monthly bill is reimbursed. Onto my point...

I was looking up different phones. I am going to steal that burnt out comic routine of "Here's a point, make a phone I can make a call on!" Of course, the good comics will say how they took a picture sent to music on their phone, emailed customer service on their G3 network about how they cannot receive calls. Sorry, again getting off base.

For me, network speed was stupid. Who in their right mind is going to surf the internet on a 3 sq. inch screen? Who, besides those marketing and VP types out there, wants/needs email on their phone? One last point, I hate ring tones. Sure, they can be fun the first, maybe second time you hear them, but after the 6th time...back to vibrate for you.

I purchased the Samsung ZX10 on Cingulars network. This is a G3 phone, quad band for those that care. However, I have NO intention of surfing the internet from this phone. Chances are this will suck in Montana and Wyoming; Verizon seems to be the best for that area. Here was the order I researched phones: 1. clarity/reception 2. Battery 3. Feature/menu functions. Let’s hit these in order.

1. Clarity/reception. Perfect if you live in a major network. I recently traveled to DC and talking to my wife at home was like she was in the next room. I did not have any static on my line, and that static stayed away even when my reception hit the 1 bar mark. Headset volume is great.

2. Battery. This is where i made my sacrifice. The Razr allows for 12 days of standby, while the ZX10 allows for only 6 days. Talk time is about the same at 5-6 hours. Since I was purchasing a CLA, this was not as important as clarity and reception.

3. Features. I HATE camera phones, there is something seriously wrong with this. As stated above, I will at all costs avoid email on my phone and never plan on surfing the internet. I could care less if I am download ring tones and I do not want my phone to be my mp3 player. The reason I chose the ZX10, the camera button is on the inside phone panel, not on the exterior. I read a few reviews on phone where people were getting tired of deleting pictures of the inside of their pants pockets.

I am a "silent mode" only phone carrying guy. Sure, I may miss a call or two, but that is why they invented voicemail people! If it is important, callers will leave me a message.

For those friends that read this blog, my cell phone number has changed, it is (801) 867-5309....Yeah, I am not that fucking stupid. I will email that out to you all later, once I have built up enough rollover minutes. Onto blogging about more important things like the Mariners and fantasy baseball.

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