Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cnet review

A few days ago, I rambled on about my first cell phone purchase. I also posted a review at that same day. I realize it was only after one weeks worth of use, but so many people talked about the camera or other features that in my opinion were not "phone functional related". So I posted a "phone use only" review and gave it a rather high mark.

I went back to today to see if anyone marked me as "yes, this helped me decide on a product" button. There was a newer review by someone that was totally pissed off. His complaint for giving them 2 out of computer connectivity. He never states why this was so important to him. Was it for his MP3 player or to synch with his Outlook contacts? The Outlook part, I could see that being an issue.

He also mentioned the low volume of the headset. I have not experienced this issue with this phone. I could see if he was calling for a crowded bar and refused to step outside to make a call. I don't think any cell phone would work well in that situation.

I am not saying that my review was great, however, I did give examples of why I chose this phone. I also state up front that I only plan on using this phone as a phone. All this guy does is complain without giving any examples. Tell us why computer connectivity is so important or why the headset is so low for you.

I will give him credit for reviewing a piece of this equipment that was never test in the actual review.

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