Friday, June 09, 2006

Holy Crap!

Again, someone is listening to me. The "me" link refers to a question I sent into the Mariners resident "expert", while the "listening" link shows what the M's did in the most recent draft. I only am telling you what the links are for those lazy readers out there. Of course, this is all coincidence even though it still does make me feel good about how the M's are trying to plan for the future. They went after 34 pitchers in a draft of 50 rounds! Of course, not all of them will arrive in Seattle wearing a Mariner uniform. Some will be traded and some will never fulfill the dream. Nonetheless, I still like the aggressive move.

Going camping this weekend, should be fun, and warm, not very far from the house. We have two weeks before we venture off to the Spinone roundup, I am excited. Basil has never been around another Spinone, so I am curious if all dogs are as odd as ours or we are lucky.

I have a bunch of odd rants swimming in around in the vastness of my mind, but I will try to reserve for those for next week.

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