Friday, June 30, 2006

March Madness was going to expand?

My ESPN widget popped up with a story about how the March Madness Men Tourney is going to remain at 65 teams. Was this ever in question? I am sure there was great debate back in the day to expand it from 32 to 64, but anything beyond 64 and mediocrity becomes rewarded more so than ever. I only want conference tourney winners to have losing records in the brackets. Those tend to make the best games anyway!

Every year, some bubble team becomes highly pissed off that they got overlooked and takes that frustration out by losing in the first round of the NIT. (Does not always happen all the time, but you get my drift). For the most recent example of this, look at Utah State in 2005.

For me, the expansion should never happen, period. (Seems redundant to say "period" than put a "." there...oh well).

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