Monday, June 12, 2006

Way to go M's!

Apparently, while I was camping this weekend void of technology and internet, the M's swept the Angels. Also, since I went on a Mariner fire sale in fantasy baseball, dropping Felix Hernandez, he is 3-1 with a CG and had an ERA of only 3.41 over those 4 games. He now has a 6-6 record. J.J. Putz is leading the M's with 10 saves in 11 opportunities while "Everyday Eddie" has 5 saves in 8 chances. We are only 3 games back from .500...Woohoo! The AL West is going to be a horrible division this year, or so it is looking that way. We now travel to Oakland for a 3 game set before returning home this Friday for inter-league play against team BALCO. We are only 2 games back from Oak-town, they swept us last time on our turf, I hope we can use this 3 game road sweep of the Angels to sweep the A's and move into second place. Saturday game against the Giants is on Fox, so those of you NOT in Utah should be able to see it.

My fantasy season has been anything but fun. I am too competitive to just throw in the towel, but remaining in 8th place now for 26 days and counting, is getting old. I am still ahead of last years champ, Martin, so there is a small moral victory building. Still trying to find that winning pitcher combination. My strategy of young talent has not completely let me down, but has come fairly close. That is the one fun thing I am taking away from this season, is that some of my off season research has paid off: Bannister for the Mets, Jared Weaver for the Angels, Verlander for the Tigers. My Marlins prospects appear to be doing okay, I have re-acquired Josh Johnson after he was moved back into the starting rotation and he has performed well. Ian Snell of the Pirates took awhile to get going, but he has won 5 straight games after a horrible start to his season. I told my friend John to pick up Ian Snell, he did early in the season, and dropped him just in time for him to win 5 straight...stupid poetic justice.

Yahoo has already started fantasy football sign up. They did this on June 1st. Every year it is earlier and earlier. Before you know it, we can create a new league right after the Super Bowl. This year, we have a killer draft time. September 6th at 6:00 PM, the day before the opening game. Yahoo is finally coming around to saving settings. I was able to import my previous league settings, something I asked for in the year 2000 from their customer service. So, I guess, they too finally listened.

Again, the fact that the Mariners drafted 34 pitchers still warms my heart. I don't care if it is sheer coincidence; it still makes me feel like I have some sort of influence. I can see the board room now. "This individual's email is interesting, let’s take an aggressive stance towards pitching in the upcoming draft. All in favor say raise your hand."

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