Friday, July 07, 2006

All Star game...joke or rewarded fun?

Where is Francisco Liriano? It appears that he will be spending the "All-Star" break fishing some great lakes in Minnesota with is 9-1 record and 1.99 ERA. Justin Verlander deserved a look as well (10-4 3.01 ERA). I am sure someone will be placed on the 15 DL allowing someone to take their spot. Of course, Pedro and Manny pulled their annual work to give themselves a lengthy break.

I go back and forth on the "every team needs a representative" rule. Being an M's fan for life, it was a great rule. Long before Missoula would pop over for FoxSports NW M's games, the only national chance to see a Mariner play was during the summer classic. Besides me and the 7,500 fans the Kingdome would pack in, no one else voted for Mariners. In this case, Mark Redman (6-4 5.27 ERA) of the Royals occupies a spot that should have Verlander or Liriano. No matter how good your team is doing, I don't agree with a manager taking a lot of their talent with them to the summer classic.

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Montana1 said...

Liriano got hosed. he's been the best pitcher in the league since he joined the rotation. I'm in a fantasy baseball league and I drafted Liriano. He was worth the wait.

In fact, since he's been starting my team's been on a roll and I've moved into 1st place (out of 16 teams.) I was toiling in 10-12th place for about 2 months, but I've got Liriano, Papelbon, Schilling, Lackey and Huston Street. I've also got Ryan Howard, Manny, Crawford and AJ. Not too bad. I've even got an M on my team (Lopez) who's been in a bit of a slump, but that's ok.

The All-Star game to me is a waste of time. I'm just anxious to get on with the season.

HOW ABOUT MY RED SOX? They're on a serious roll. Not only do they have Big Papi and the ManChild, they've got D as well.

Carry on and keep writing.