Monday, July 10, 2006

Fantasy update

Thanks to the inspiring post by Montana1, (even though he is a Red Sox fan ;)) I have decided to update everyone that cares on my fantasy do's and don'ts this year.

First, let’s begin with my current 9th place standing, out of 10 teams. Here is my team at the All-Star break:

R. Martin
C. Delgado
J. Castillo
B. Inge
É. Rentería
B. Giles
R. Ibañez
G. Matthews Jr.
D. Lee

S. Olsen (Fla - SP)
T. Gordon (Phi - RP)
M. González (Pit - RP)
Jer. Weaver (LAA - SP)
J. Jennings (Col - SP)
Jo. Johnson (Fla - SP,RP)
C. Billingsley (LAD - SP)
B. Zito (Oak - SP)
Z. Jackson (Mil - SP)
W. Rodríguez (Hou - SP)
E. Loaiza (Oak - SP)
J. Shields (TB - SP)
J. Verlander (Det - SP)
T. Buchholz (Hou - SP)
P. Martínez (NYM - SP) DL
G. Chacín (Tor - SP) DL

Not overly impressive, I know. Buckholtz is making his third tour of duty on my team this year. Verlander was someone I wanted when the season started, as well as Jared Weaver and Chad Billingsley. Weaver (6-0 1.12 ERA) and Verlander (10-4 3.01 ERA) have lived up to expectation, however Billingsley has not. Chad was the Dodgers most outstanding pitcher for the past 2 seasons during his minor league development; he has yet made that hold true in the majors (0-2 5.27 ERA). The rest of my pitching staff is a mix of mediocre pitching. This is my first year with Pedro, and probably will be my last. Chacin was money for me last year, and was until his injury this season. Loaiza is on his second tour of duty on my team, I drafted him to watch him go 0-3 for me. I picked him up after he become "hot" returning to the lineup. The Marlins yutes have done okay for me. Scott Olsen and Josh Johnson offer a lot of decent potential. They probably won't win any Cy Young awards, but will be a 12-15 game winners for a majority of their careers.

I don't even want to talk about my offense. Derrek Lee was hurt in early in the season and will take time to regain his power. The rest of my team is not that great or really worth mentioning...hence my 9th place standing.

Not sure how much Montana1 has read my past blogs, but I drafted Papelbon. I drafted him under the assumption he would make the starting rotation. Once he was moved to the pen (before taking on the closer role) I dropped him. Patience would have paid on this one, same goes for Liriano.

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Montana1 said...

Well, here's my team. I ended up getting lucky on a few. I actually picked up Papelbon the first day of the season, thinking he was going to be the 5th starter.

I've made 12 moves ($3 a whack,) but most have worked out. I picked up Lopez, Burke, Martin, Papelbon, Buchholz, Zumaya, Olsen and Rheinecker.

So far, so good. We've still got a half season to go and the top 8 make the playoffs. Our top 5 are extremely tight. Hopefully, my team will continue to kick some ass. No offense, but Piniero has been a major bust!

C A. Pierzynski(CWS - C)
1B R. Howard (Phi - 1B)
2B Jo. López(Sea - 2B)
3B R. Zimmerman(Was - 3B
SS Ha. Ramírez(Fla - SS)
OF M. Ramírez(Bos - OF)
OF C. Crawford (TB - OF)
OF C. Burke(Hou - 2B,OF)
Util G. Atkins(Col - 3B)
BN C. Crisp(Bos - OF)
BN C. Guillén(Det - SS)
BN P. Fielder(Mil - 1B)
BN R. Martin(LAD - C)
BN M. Murton(ChC - OF)


SP C. Schilling(Bos - SP,RP)
SP F. Liriano(Min - SP,RP)
SP J. Lester(Bos - SP
SP J. Lackey(LAA - SP)
SP T. Buchholz(Hou - SP)
RP J. Papelbon(Bos - SP,RP)
P H. Street(Oak - RP)
BN J. Zumaya(Det - RP)
BN J. Rheinecker(Tex - SP)
BN S. Olsen(Fla - SP)
BN J. Piñeiro(Sea - SP)

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