Monday, July 31, 2006

Random....totally random

The M's won their Cleveland series, and now onto Baltimore. They have now won their last 3 series; we need this going into August. We are 2 games back of .500 and 3.5 games back from first in the weakly competitive AL Worst.

"A River Runs Through It" was on TV Saturday. We own the DVD, but something about watching movies you already own on TV; like you are looking for something new. The world is full of bastards - the number ever increasing the further one gets from MISSOULA MONTANA! Great movie, did not get a chance to finish it.

It does appear that we will be able to make a Missoula trip this year, probably the week just before the home opener for the Griz. Won't be able to make the game, but it will be nice to feel that buzz in the air. Having 3 D1 schools in Utah, Weber State tends to get overlooked a lot. However, the Griz do visit Ogden this year, so we will be sure to attend that game and of course the satellite Cat/Griz game. Speaking of, Lulay is trying out with the Seahawks, I had no idea. I hope he does make the team, especially with talk of moving Senecca Wallace to WR and/or punt returner. I like to see MT Big Sky players make it in the NFL. He is from Oregon, but I consider him to be from Montana (State).

Our warm streak could be coming to a close. The Wasatch front averages 3 days of 100+ in July; we have had 15 this month. I am looking forward to the high 80's/low 90's that are forecasted for this week.

I am squandering my fantasy baseball season away in 8th place. I am about 500 points from 7th and 9th is close in my rear view mirror. This makes me look forward to football, but I will try to take 7th place before seasons end; it would be a nice moral victory.

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Brandy Night Rock said...

I was DEFINITELY not ready for the announcement about Lulay. Still, if a 'Cat has to be a 'Chicken, I'd just as soon it be him as anyone else (except maybe Kane Iaone, the other Bobcat in the past 15 years that I liked okay). The only chance Lulay has, I think, is if they do move Wallace to WR. Lulay actually reminds me a lot of Wallace - good athlete with really pretty poor QB skills when you get right down to it, who relies a lot on the athleticism to succeed. Heart of a champion, though. I think he'd do well on special teams. Never expect to see him in the backfield though.