Monday, July 10, 2006


Liriano made it, replacing Contreras.

For those of you that have "the gambler" in fantasy sports, now is the chance to trade him while he is ahead. He is a first-half pitcher. I will predict that he will not do better than .500 in the second half.

Yes, I am aware that someone in 9th place is giving Fantasy baseball advice.

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Montana1 said...


My brother's ff league is pretty laid back; no charge for trades, no payouts at the end. It's a pride league. The only cost will be if we decide to go the Yahoo upgrade route (which I favor.)

I need your email address so I can have my brother send you an invite. We just added a 12th team, so we need one more, along with you to get to 14. Do you have one more person to join?

It's pretty cool. We have around 5 teams from Montana, 2 or 3 from Boston, 2 or 3 from Canada and a few from some other places.

Anyway, I don't know how to do the email thing. I really don't want to post my on a blog site. Any thoughts?