Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feels like Fall

Woohoo, post #152, what a great number.

It is a nice 74 degrees today in SLC, a perfect day for a walk around the block at work. Fall is very nice in SLC, generally can last into early November. I am sure this won't be the high for the day, but fall is in the air on this cloudless Thursday.

The M's lost the series final to the Angels. Going 7-2 in this home stand (did I mention the sweep of the Red Sox, sorry Montana1) is awesome after loosing 11 straight on the road. We did have some casualties this week. Mateo broke a bone in his hand and Soriano was beamed in the head from a ball off of the bat of Vlad Guerrero. Soriano has been a wonderful mid-relief/setup man for the M's in his young career. He did have Tommy John surgery 2 seasons ago, but was looking like his old self this season. To quote the M's webpage: "Soriano is 1-2 with a 2.25 ERA in 53 games and has flourished in his role as a setup pitcher for closer J.J. Putz."

My second fantasy football season draft is next Tuesday. This is my league. I am looking forward to it, but I feel that I did not learn as much as I should have from my first draft this season. The best part about live online drafts is the trash talking that takes place. The league has 10 members, all of which have been repeat customers for several years now. The talking does improve as strangers become Fantasy football friends over the years.

Saw Dave Matthews Band last night, it was very enjoyable. I am not a huge DMB fan, but the concert was fun. It was an outdoor concert; the weather was nice and cool, almost too cool at the end.

Looks like we have a Montana tripped planned for mid-September. It would be around a different Griz game, Sac State. I am not sure how I feel about a #3 ranking to start the season. I am skeptical, in large part because it appeared the team threw in the towel at the end of last season. Anyone going to watch the potentially injured riddled game against Iowa? On a bright note, our bye week is early this year to help us recover from playing a Big Ten powerhouse that always seems to get Top 25 notoriety.

Well, off to play my old co-workers in some basketball…the life of an IT guy.

Monday, August 28, 2006

First time in 17 years!

It took 17 years, but the M's finally swept the Red Sox. As I had predicted, 2 out of 3 from the Yanks, however, the sweep was a bit of a shock to me. We lose 11 straight, now we win 5 out of our last 6. The Angels stroll into town for a three game set; this is very important series for the M's to reach the .500 plateau by seasons end. Our playoff chances are a bit weak, being 13 games out. Unless we put together some incredible month of September to save the season, as well as Hargrove's job.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I made the draft

And I think I wish I missed it. 14 teams is a lot, so much that the FA market is already dried up. Here is my not-so-steller picks with their pick number in ( ):

1. (12) L. Jordan RB
2. (17) M. Bell RB
3. (40) D. Culpepper QB
4. (45) W. Dunn RB
5. (68) J. Galloway WR
6. (73) D. Mason WR
7. (96) C. Brown RB
8. (101) D. Brees QB
9. (124) J. Porter WR
10. (129) J. Stevens TE
11. (152) S. McNair QB
12. (157) N. Kaeding K
13. (180) Atlanta DEF
14. (185) J. McCown QB
15. (208) J. Cutler QB

Of course, now I want the season to start tomorrow, but we all know that is not going to happen.
Way to go M's, pulling one out in the bottom of the 9th! We need to sweep the evil empire, or at least try for 2 out of 3 games with them.

Monday, August 21, 2006

11 straight!

Normally, if I posted a title like that, it would be on a positive note. However, the M's lost an 11 straight game yesterday. This breaks the ties between camping and winning streaks that had been in place for most of this season.

August and September have historically been cold months for the M's. Perhaps all the players are too busy with Fantasy Football.

Speaking of, I will be missing my first draft this year. I joined a fun league with some dudes from all over the US, and the draft is tomorrow night. I hope that Yahoo can draft better than I can. With a 14 team league, free agents are going to be scarce.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Damn A's!

We had a miserable weekend series against the one team that we can never seem to put away. We were one game back of .500 when the A's came into town. When they left, we were 4 games back. However, the D-Rays are in town now. So far, 2-0 and looking for a series sweep today. After this home stand, we face our AL West opponents for an 11 game road swing. We need momentum going into this, in a major way.

On Sunday we hit the road for Jackson, WY. I am looking forward to this trip, I have never been.

Maurice Clarrett
, is this kid heading down the wrong road or what? On his way to a Cincinnati Bengal try-out (just kidding) he is pulled over with 4 loaded guns in his car. On top of that, they had to subdue him with mace because the stun gun did not penetrate the bullet proof vest.