Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Damn A's!

We had a miserable weekend series against the one team that we can never seem to put away. We were one game back of .500 when the A's came into town. When they left, we were 4 games back. However, the D-Rays are in town now. So far, 2-0 and looking for a series sweep today. After this home stand, we face our AL West opponents for an 11 game road swing. We need momentum going into this, in a major way.

On Sunday we hit the road for Jackson, WY. I am looking forward to this trip, I have never been.

Maurice Clarrett
, is this kid heading down the wrong road or what? On his way to a Cincinnati Bengal try-out (just kidding) he is pulled over with 4 loaded guns in his car. On top of that, they had to subdue him with mace because the stun gun did not penetrate the bullet proof vest.


Montana1 said...

Clarett, he's a piece of work. You have to wonder if he was on his way to go psycho. Isn't it odd that some of the most naturally gifted athletes are some of the dumbest people on the planet (read:Randy Moss.) Shame.

Brandy Night Rock said...

All of which proves that he was right. They really WERE out to get him. No wonder he was armed and armored.