Sunday, September 10, 2006


For the record, I am blogging before this game is over. What a horrible game the Hawks played. This was the best offense in last the NFL last season, and we looked pathetic. I am not watching the Denver game. Yes, shocking, the only game that SLC will televise this year for Seattle, and they lose. 9-22 is the open day record of the Seahawks, assuming they still go onto loose.

Hasellback was sacked 5 times at this writing.....5! Jones looks to be injured with some sort of ankle injury and we are going to miss Hutch at guard. I knew I should have never broken my fantasy football rule, never draft Hawks. I have 2 offensive players with a combine total of 8 fucking points.

Why is preseason so long if you are going to look like shit in the regular season? From now on, no more games in Detroit, this is not a good place for us.

I will give Detroit some credit; they definitely want this win way more than Seattle.

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Ryan said...

Well, so they didn't actually lose, but Holmgren and company have a few patches to work in before they start hitting their real tests. I watched as much of the game as I could with babbling in-laws and screaming children in my ear - but from what I could tell, the O-line is suspect. Detroit's D-line is a bit underrated, I think, but they shouldn't be controlling the defending Super Bowl runner-up's line like they were. If Walter Jones's ankle injury nags him for much of the season, get ready for a long one...