Tuesday, September 05, 2006

D1 weekend

Well, the Griz were (as expected) pounded by Iowa 41-7. From the sounds of it, we did okay on the injury front. MSU on the other hand, owned CU for their first win of the year. I will laugh if MSU loses to Chadron State this coming weekend. The Griz drop to 6th, and the Cats move up to 11th in D1-AA polls. Cory Carpenter for MSU looks pretty good, came to Bozo by way of Oregon, much like Lulay.

The weekend was nice overall. Had some family visit and was a member of the studio audience for a local TV show. I belive this show is new to the area, it seemed somewhat rough, but again, it is local.

Here is the letter that I wrote to the show:

Hello YourFifteen,

I had the great pleasure of attending the taping this past weekend (roller girls). As much as I enjoy the concept of what you are trying to achieve, I was curious if you are open to ideas and/or folks volunteering time to help.

I am not a master comedian, nor do I play one on TV however, I would like to send in some monologue material to see if I can add some additional humor for your TV audience. This would be the cry of a wannabe comedian for a shot to write some material. I highly enjoy what you are trying to do for people in the greater SLC area, and I would like to participate on some humorous ways.

I am sure I am not the only pseudo comedian attempting to buy some ear time from the producers, but please keep me informed if this sounds like a good idea.

Thank you
Josh Fleming

I know, a horrible letter but I am looking for my 15 minutes, so to speak.

Tonight is my Fantasy football draft, I have no idea where to even begin on my draft selections. However, I usually attend these drafts more for the trash talking then the actual drafting. Thursday is the big NFL kickoff game. I am looking forward to this season, especially since the M's aren't giving me much reason to watch, except my devotion to that team.