Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Game on!

I submitted some material to the TV show, 15 minutes, here in SLC. Personally, what I submitted was crap, utter crap. I did not send the document to work, so I will post that steaming pile once I arrive at home. But, here is the response I received:

"Your stuff was right on.. some of it will need tweaked but I was pleasantly surprised. I will hand it over tomorrow and see what they do with it. Feel free to send some more as you happen upon them.

If you get out of your cubicle we should do lunch one of these days.

Let me know.

Thanks again for your interest and sharing your talents!"

It took me about 90 minutes to come up with about 6 jokes. I thought that was too long. I need to take a small pad or recording device with me at all times. I see funny stuff around this place all the time, but fail to remember it when forced to sit at the keyboard. I have a new appreciation for those people that write "funny monologues" daily; it can be rather challenging I found. I did send a disclaimer in my email informing him that my jokes would need some work, but overall, I thought the reply I received was on an up-beat note. They could also be playing nice as to not break apart my fragile comedian ego. The best part of his reply was the word "talents". That made me laugher harder than anything I submitted.

As always, I will keep you informed...even though I know you don't care.

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