Friday, September 01, 2006

Little League World Series

While I am on a baseball mental track and my morning fires are behind me, I want to comment on the Little League World Series.

1. They had to move the outfield fence out further. I am not sure what or how I feel about this because some of these kids were still able to crush the ball. One kid, I think for Texas, had 53 home runs on the season going into this late summer international classic. Is it just me, or do we need to see if anyone at age 12 is using some of the clear or the cream? My excuse for my lack of size to date is that I didn't want to stunt my growth by working out prior to age 16....or age 30...whatever.

2. Can these kids pitch or what? These youngsters have some mean breaking stuff that left both domestic and foreign batters speechless at the plate. I never played little league ball, so I have no historical background, but I don't recall seeing kids age 12 throw like Clemens.

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