Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A moment of morality

Today, for work, I attended an all-day conference. Upon entering this event, I was missing a pen to take notes. I approached the main organizer for the event informing her I was missing a writing instrument. She gave me a solid blue, in color, Bic pen, and then informed me that she would have others pens delivered. Thinking nothing of it, I headed back to my seat.

As the first presenter begins, I look down at the pen as if I am getting ready to add this device to my hand, when I notice some gold writing on it. The writing says "BYU Cougars." Without a moment’s hesitation, I slam the pen down on the desk and search frantically through my laptop bag for some Purell, to only come up empty handed. Okay, I didn't small it down, but it did feel a like a hot potato.

BYU is the one team, given the chance to play the Yankees, Cowboys or Lakers...I would route for the Yankees, Cowboys or Lakers....I hate those 3 professional teams. I would rather use a Bobcat pen then stoop to use a Cougar pen.

At the moment our first break began, said pen found its way into a giant garbage can.

1 comment:

Brandy Night Rocks said...

Would you rather write with your own steaming fecal matter than with a BYU pen?