Friday, September 01, 2006

MVP Talk....shut up!

Every late May, sports writers and radio talk show host love to get our hopes up on the MVP race. Perhaps late may was a bit of an exaggeration, but who cares because we all know I am close to accurate. Here's an idea, lets wait to talk about who will win the MVP and any other baseball awards until October 3rd.

Lately, in the American league, the debate rages on about a DH being able to hold the MVP award high. If you have a DH on your team that leads the team in the 3 major offensive categories, and perhaps top 3 in the league in 2 outa 3...sure give it to him, assuming that his team is actually doing well. The missing link to my argument is that the DH does not play defense. I have mixed feeling about this, but I lean towards the school of thought that an "everyday" player should get this.

Are you ready for this contradiction? My vote this year goes to Joe Mauer. The reason being, he leads the MLB in Average and is the backstop for (potentially) the best 1-2 punch since Schilling and Johnson played for the D-Backs. At the time of this writing, he has played in 99 games as catcher. Most likely ending the season close to last years total of 116 games. Sure, Santana and Liriano have talent, but they also look to Mauer to guide them each time they pitch. Liriano is a rookie with a promising future of dominating AL hitters (assuming free agency does not get the better of him) for many years to come. Both Santana and Liriano are strike out machines. The Twins are 4th in the league with ERA, 3rd in strikeouts, and last in walks with a league low 278. I think the catcher should get some credit for this.

For AL Cy Young, I am waiting until October 3rd to decide on this one.

A little known fact on Mike Gonzalez. He is the only pitcher to be 100% in saves/save ops with 24 saves. Of course he plays for the cellar dweller Pirates, but still good to know. What does this stat say to me? He will be sought after this "hot stove" season for someone that is missing this link to a championship. The only reason I know this, he is on my fantasy team. He is a small bright light in an otherwise horrible season.

On that topic, a few bright spots for my team. Justin Verlander has done well, so had the young guns for the Marlins, Johnson and Olsen. I picked up Billingsley for the streaking Dodgers when he was called up, had a slow start but has won 5 of his last 8 starts with 1 loss and 2 ND's. Besides that, I have had a rotating free agency door for a pitching staff. I guess better luck next onto fantasy football.

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