Thursday, September 07, 2006

My "other" league and "Stump the Band"

Today has started off a lot better than yesterday; of course, I may have jinxed my work day. We had our fantasy draft on Tuesday night; here is how my team looks:

QB M. Hasselbeck (Sea - QB)
WR D. Jackson (Sea - WR)
WR D. Stallworth (Phi - WR)
WR B. Edwards (Cle - WR)
RB T. Barber (NYG - RB)
RB W. Parker (Pit - RB)
TE B. Troupe (Ten - TE)
QB D. Culpepper (Mia - QB)
RB D. Foster (Car - RB)
RB M. Bell (Den – RB)
RB K. Barlow (NYJ - RB)
WR B. Lloyd (Was - WR)
QB P. Rivers (SD - QB)
K J. Feely (NYG - K)
DEF Seattle (Sea - DEF)

Not a great team by anyone's calculation, especially when it comes to bench players for RB and WR. Time will tell how well I can do this year, I predict a 8-8 year and miss out on the money round in our playoffs.

The first no hitter in over 2 years was thrown last night by one of the many young guns the Marlins have on their pitching staff, Anibal Sanchez. I had him on my fantasy staff for 2 games where he gave up 10 ER in 10 innings and went back on waivers after a 0-2 stint. For the season, he is 7-2...go figure.

Tonight is the opening game for the NFL; I am excited for this season to start. I hope to get all chores done on Saturday, so I can camp out and watch games on Sunday. There is talk of us brewing a batch of beer on Sunday, so that will also be nice to do with the games on in the background.

I heard back from the local TV show, "15 Minutes". Here is their response, looks like I need to work on my a horse walks into a bar....:


I am with you, I think our host needs some better content. A lot of his jokes fall flat with me. Part of the problem is the time he doesn't have to spend writing funny bits. I think it would be great if you wanted to write some bits. Try to keep most of it local, tied into local news stories, etc. and at the same time ... relatively timeless. (we tape shows 2-3 weeks before they air.)

We are at a point where we will decide if this show is going to fly or die. As always it comes down to the bottom line. :)

Feel free to write some stuff, and run it by us. Our next taping is Sept. 23rd. We can't offer much, except screen credits, and a shot at writing some material. I also can't guarantee that we'll use your stuff, but knowing how much time we get to dedicate to the 'funny'...chances are good. Make me proud!"

Seems promising, I hope that I can supply them with adequate humor, along with any and all other struggling comedians in the SLC area, to improve the show. I felt a bit arrogant writing them, but since they responded in a positive way, that is encouraging. I will do what I can to update my 5+ readers on any and all progress.


Bill said...

That's cool about the show! Just remember: I don't think a dozen Mariner jokes will cut it... :D

Montana1 said...

Baseball season is 2 days away from being officially over for me. The Sox can't even beat the Royals and my fantasy bb team tanked this week. At least I finished 1st out of 16. Six of my players went on the DL over the past couple of weeks. At least I've got Ryan Howard to keep me interested (until monday.) Looking forward to ff tomorrow.

Bill said...

Dude! This is the way to check out your fantasy team: