Thursday, September 14, 2006

Young Guns

For those of you not following the playoff race, Liriano is out for the season and Verlander has gone 2-4 in his last 7 starts with a 5.48 ERA over that stretch. Excluding recent events, since baseball is not a perfect sport, this class of pitchers we have seen this year, could very well be the best in a very long time. Who do I consider to be in this class? Excellent question, from the man with the mullet in the back row.

(In no particular order and I am sure I am missing some)
1. Jared Weaver 11-2 2.30 ERA 87 K's
2. Fransico Liriano 12-3 2.16 ERA 144K's
3. Josh Johnson 12-7 3.10 ERA 133K's
4. Scott Olsen 12-8 3.98 ERA 150 K's
5. Anibal Sanchez 8-2 2.96 ERA 61 K's
6. Chad Billingsley 5-3 3.02 ERA 53 K's

Well, that is all can think off from the top of my head. This blog was not well thought out, shocker. Others include Snell from the Pirates, the D-Rays have a few young ones and how can you forget Lester and Papelbon from the Red Sox.

I am sad to see Liriano headed down the road of Tommy John surgery which has a 12 month rehab associated with it.

While I am talking about pitching, in case you have not heard, if Johan Santana does NOT get the Cy Young, I will stage a walk out in protest. At least on the AL side. The NL side is not very clear cut. Brad Penny leads in wins, currently at 16, while Chris Carpenter leads in ERA, a stat that I like to monitor. Carpenter does have 14 wins, so I guess, by default he would get my imaginary vote.

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