Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Baseball is over

I am on-call for my job, so I am avoiding working on our record number of calls by blogging.

I finished 8th in fantasy baseball, which is actually second to last. The dude in last place quit trying around mid-May and still was only 800 points behind me. That may sound like a lot, but I was actually trying. I finished 3 thousand points out of first. I beat Greg by 2 points, which is really all that matters. As always, I am looking forward to next year.

I am not starting off well in either of my Fantasy Football leagues. I am 2-2 in both leagues and hitting some horrible bye-week drafting flaws the next few weeks. Besides bye week and not being very deep in the WR position, I am setting myself up for a fairly major fall. I say this every year, but maybe this will be my last year of doing Fantasy Football. Watching Matt Hasselbeck do a titch less than nothing in the game against Chicago was extra frustrating this year. The Bears are a good defense, but the Hawks offense looked worse than San Fran. Shaun is not the reason, either. He has yet to have a 100 yard game in the 3 victories he did play in. Mentally, the lack of Shaun could have been a factor. I choose to blame myself for not wearing my Largent jersey or drinking coffee from my NFC Champions mug that morning.

The weather here has been great, overall. Sunny and like 70+ degrees. My trip to Missoula a few weeks back was nice. The weather was also as I remember it. The "wait 15 minutes" adage that I have heard people use in Utah doesn't have nearly the affect as a Fall or Spring day in Missoula.

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Bluefin said...

We all look forward to playing you twice a season man.