Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Brawl joke continues...

Apparently, it is too late to suspend all 13 Miami players involved so the University of Miami has instated a "zero tolerance" policy effective about 42 minutes ago. Here is the ESPN article. They, Miami, use the word "appropriate" to describe this. I disagree. The Hurricanes are 4-2 and the coach’s ass is on the line for a decent bowl appearance this year and/or an ACC title. They have 12 one-game suspensions against that powerhouse Duke coming up, then in time for Boston College and other ACC rivals, they will be at full strength....minus one captain. Now they get to pat themselves on the back for creating this new, zero-tolerance policy. Not that I am attempting to condone Duke to start anything, but I want to see that policy tested. Let’s test a big time D1 football program to stand by its zero-tolerance policy. When push comes to shove, non-starters would be the ones punished, but that is just a hunch.

As I alluded to before, Miami is a thug school in my opinion. Always been at the forefront of taunting and down right stupid, selfish play. The school has had individuals get into it before on and off the field, but it took a brawl to institute a "zero tolerance" policy.

Here is the best part...the coach for Miami finds this punishment "fair". DUH! Please see my line about his job being on the line. Playing at full strength in two weeks lowers his chances of losing.

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Ryan said...

Well OF COURSE they couldn't have been punished significantly based on policies that were in place PRIOR to the brawl... Without the new policy, how were THEY supposed to know that that it's wrong to stomp on players, bash skulls with a helmet, and more or less turn the playing field into a barfight?< / sarcasm >