Thursday, October 26, 2006

Geek Fest

I recently returned from a geek fest in Florida. I was one of 5 people without a Blackberry or any other sort of email/phone device.

Funny bathroom story coming...I was in the bathroom where the urinals were against the wall that was in-front of the stalls. Of the six stalls, three were occupied. I was the lone occupant at the urinal section. The only sounds that could be heard were thumbs hitting blackberry keys with 60+ words per minute efficiency.

Observation #2. There was a common walking posture noted at the conference. Head down, looking at previous said device in hand (either typing or working a stylus) and running into those conference goers that were actually trying to pay attention to their walking path.

Overall, the conference was well attended and we learned a lot. Back to 40 degree days and snow on the mountains. We had a nice wet snow/ice mixture on the group when we arrived home last night.

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Bill said...

Don't diss my Blackberry, boy...