Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miami vs. FIU...WTF?

This is a dark day for D1 football. While Florida International increased the initial suspension from 1 game to indefinite for all players involved in the brawl, the heralded football program of Miami did nothing. They did suspend the helmet wielding Reddick indefinitely, but that is all. Don't forget you "captain" that was stomping on defenseless players gets to play after the Duke game. This is a total disgrace, remove the football field and you have 31 players with assault charges.

The NCAA released a statement on Monday called the fight "wholly unacceptable" and said it hoped the added sanctions taken by Miami and FIU shows "that such behavior is not tolerated." If all players from Miami are not suspended indefinitely, then that behavior is tolerated. I have NEVER been a fan of Miami football, and this incident and their incident management is doing little to improve my viewpoint. If anyone thought the University of Miami was not a thug school, search any of the videos on youtube for this footage.


I have NEVER been a fan of taunting. My viewpoint is that you are put the field to play a sport/job (depending on your level). If a receiver catches a pass for a first down, go directly back to the huddle. Don't stand up and signal first down. If a cornerback makes a tackle or a hit, go directly back to your huddle. Don't stand over the guy like you and your 120 pound frame are the badest thing since sliced bread. Chances are you will be burned a later play anyway.

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