Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Piniella is a Cub

I am not sure how I feel about this. I have always had a place in my baseball heart for sweet Lou since he did a lot to improve the M's from a yearly losing team to a team that competed in 3 ALCS series.

Don't be shocked if A-Rod goes to the NL as a Cubie. I don't think that A-Rod offensively will have the impact he has in the AL in his first season. I could be wrong, but a change of scenery from NYC to the pizza capital of America could be a good thing. Everyone loves the Cubs because they don't win, they find ways to lose. That sounds like the perfect place for A-Rod, no pressure at all. Of course, a player of his stature and ability will inherit a certain level of pressure, but still this team can only go up. Lou has a good history with A-Rod.

Oh, and the Cubs need to get rid of Prior and Woods. Theses two have more time on the DL than playing time the past two seasons. They are not bad pitchers, but need some help in the longevity department. Trade them while they are healthy, before the next illness or muscle soreness has time to settle in.

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