Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tigers vs. Cards

I wanted the Mets to win. Of course, to win you have to at least swing at the ball when it is in the strike zone and you have 2 strikes against you in the bottom of the 9th. But that is now in the past.

Verlander goes up against Marquis. Not sure how I feel about game 1. The Tigers have had 1 week to rest all arms and injuries while the Cards are riding into Detroit on an emotional, well fought game 7 win. Jason Marquis has been less than optimal this season at pitching, while the rookie Verlander can impress the Cards with his 100 MPH fastball.

These teams did have an interleague series this past season, the Tigers swept them. I hope this is not another series where the Tigers barely have to play to win, but I will predict the Tigers in 6. Otherwise, the NL needs to let someone else win. The Cards and Astros have been swept in the past two World Series.

I see the Twins extended the contract of their manager, even though the A’s swept them. How did the A's reward manager Macha? He was fired. Still trying to get my head around this one. Next to the Twins, the A's were fairly hot this summer to win the AL West. I am sure Macha will find some decent work. I don't care what the A's do, I would imagine that Billy Beane had his eyes set on one of the many managers out there when he made this decision. I am going to with an early preseason pick of the M's in second place next year...maybe first.

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