Friday, November 17, 2006

BCS..get a playoff already

The sheer fact that myself along with every sport show and radio program is talking about this is only good things for the BCS. The real losers are the teams and fans. The BCS wins no matter what.

Rutgers is undefeated (at the time of this blog). Is it fair for them to play the loser of the Michigan/OSU game? Is it fair for the loser to actually play a Big East team in Rutgers? What about USC, they lost to Oregon State and USC still appears to be on the minds of the BCS. I think USC’s place is based more on historical performance than current. Oh yeah, Boise State beat Oregon State and BSU is undefeated, but who is going to allow a potential #1 come from the WAC. Does Florida have a leg to stand on? Should that Fighting Irish team that I cannot stand have a shot at the national title? All of these are questions that only have 1 answer...16 team playoff.

Factors stopping this from happening: Money. You will hear lame arguments about the students classes/final and such. For that argument, let’s look at D1AA, D2, and D3. D3 does not even hand out athletic scholarships, these are true student athletes. All three divisions seem to do okay with classes and boosters. Let’s keep it real, since when has anyone actually cared about D1 football athletes and graduation rates. Most of them leave after their junior year anyway, jumping at the chance to make a few million at age 21. Plus, you have D1 teams playing like 12 "meaningless" games, essentially. The regular season ends around Thanksgiving, then we wait until January 8th for 2 teams to battle out and determine who #1 is. I am sure if you asked any player the regular season is not meaningless, but it seems odd to get excited over the "Enterprise, we pick-U-up Bowl", unless you are the President of that school and get to watch the money roll in.

We all know money is the only reason that D1 will not have a playoff. It is going to take a major shift in mindset of those BCS supports and school presidents that a playoff is the only way to go.

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