Friday, November 17, 2006


So, I walked in bar the other night and approached the bar to order a beer. Once I arrived at the bar, I was feeling rather spry. I turned to the person next to me and ask him "Do you want to hear a Montana State joke?" The gentleman turned to me and replied "Before you go on, I am 6'2" and weighs 220 pounds and went to MSU, the guy next me is 6'4" and weighs 240 pounds also went o Montana State. The next guy down is 6"4" and weighs 260 pounds, also a Montana State alumni. Are you sure you want to still tell your joke?" I looked at him and said "Not if I have to tell it 3 times."

(I cannot take credit for this joke. This was a spin on a Michigan/OSU joke I heard on ESPN Radio driving home last night on Sportsbash. If you like ESPN radio, I would recommend this afternoon show; Erik is a good host, in my opinion).

For those regular readers:
Spokane KXLX-AM 700
Minneapolis KFAN AM 1130 or KFXN AM 690
Missoula KGRZ-AM 1290
Waterloo, IA KFMW-FM 107.9
And of course, on ESPNRadio channel on your Satellite radio

I just checked Salt Lake City on the "find you local affiliate search" and it comes up as "not carrying Sportsbash". So the ESPN radio search is meaningless for this. Erik is on from 4-7 PM EST. He occasionally has substitutes, but they are not nearly as good.


Touche (can't get that thing over the "e") Sir Bill, here is your Portland bad. Yes, you are loyal enough.

KNRK-FM 94.7 and/or KFXX-AM 1080

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Bill said...

You can tell it was written by a Griz:

"weigh 220 pounds and when to MSU"

And no Portland station? Guess I'm not loyal enough...