Monday, November 27, 2006

No lights and Hallmark gifts

It might have been the 45+ degree days and sun this weekend that affected my mood in a way that I did not feel like Christmas. So the lights on the house won't be up until next weekend. Logic would say it would have been ideal to place lights on the rain gutters on a non-icy day; instead I will wait until this weekend after a snow storm. We have "winter storm warning" for today, the added snow will make my mood more Christmas. I am also excited to see how my new all-season tires perform on snow.

The Hawks have a chance against the struggling Pack. We will see if Matt can have a triumphant return against his old mates. Well, not sure if there are any "old mates" left besides Fav-ru.

Does anyone actually buy those Hallmark things? If I was stuck in an airport for a 3 hours delay, the last thing I want to hear is songs coming from plastic bears dancing around a plastic tree. And lets be realistic, who in their right mind puts that thing in a carrying on? This ad campaign in my opinion is horrible.

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