Thursday, November 30, 2006

To my loyal readers...

I have seen a lot of other people have links in their sidebar to other blogs. I have started this without asking my Mariner brethren for linking permission. So, before I do this for my loyal readers, I would like to ask you first.

Would you mind if I did a "blog community" sidebar section for my 5 faithful readers? If you do not respond, I will consider that a no. However, just post a quick comment and I would like to add you.

***Montana1, I tried to ask you this question in a comment today, but your word verification was not working. This could have been a Firefox thing more than a Blogger thing.


Bill said...

Is this for ball-and-stick only blogs? Link me up and I'll cut you in on some of the sweet, sweet revenues :)

brandy night rocks said...

Meh, go for it.