Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today is a national holiday!!!

From the AP:

"...due to a larger voter turnout than ever for a mid-term election, the Constitution amendment 1c passed with flying colors. The amendment was created with one train of thought in mind: "Take a breath on the first Wednesday in November after an election." The amendment states the day will be called "National Cardboard Sign re-cycling day". This title is still in question since if references a "green" approach that most extreme right wingers won't touch with a 12 foot voting pen. Other ideas that still have an opportunity to make headway are: "Take Back Advertising Day" or "Where's the beef, part dux". A remote third choice "Advertising, so easy a caveman can do this" has a distant shot as moving up the selection chain.

With Hallmark recently off-shoring the think tank, "slogan and sappy message assembly" team to India, they worked all night while Americans slept in their beds. Look for this holiday to battle "Grandparents Day", "National Pie eating day", and the never forgettable "Towel Day". This holiday will allow government employees, custodian crews and random transportation workers the day to catch up on some much needed rest."

I was going to copy and paste the link to this article, however, my mouse cannot do a right click, and the CTRL key on me keyboard is not working.

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